Thanks for 27th  in popularity on 12/4/19!! And for 17th on 12/6!

This is my 3rd time playing, twice when I was younger so I lost my accounts. Both times were on the international server, but I've decided to try on this one. I know what I am doing, and can't wait to get back into the game! For reference about how long ago I started playing: Passes were not so easy to come by, Arabian horses were offered as a starter breed, Gypsy Vanners just became introduced into the game, objectives didn't give you access to direct sales, seniority did, pets were introduced and everyone wanted one. And much much more!

I accept random friend requests!

*500th Congratulations will get a prize! DM me if it's you!!*

Willing to offer coverings from my horses, if they are not already offered, feel free to PM me! Horses in The Farm I am willing to sell. If you see one you would like, make an offer. I will not sell immortals, I made them that way for a reason. 

I am open to using my mares to breed you a foal. Feel free to send me a message, and we can discuss price! (Equus or Passes accepted)

Willing to AP Farm, just send me a message
*Current AP Farmer for me9900* (But willing to farm for more!)

*I am an adult player, (not over 30, but not under 18) so please get permission if you are a minor and would like to talk with me*

Hate has no home here, so feel free to reach out!