I will not be very active anymore. Sorry if I do not reply to your messages quickly.

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Although I wish to be a competitive player, I am not, for I have neither the time nor the resources to be competitive. 

Trying to BLUP horses and getting an Arabian horse with 9500+ GP. Also trying to get an Arabian unicorn with 8000+ GP. (which I'm pretty sure is almost impossible, but I'm going to try :))

I'm pretty new to this, so feel free to message me about tips and tricks on getting a good GP! Thank you! :D

I am always looking for:
PM me if you're interested! (I don't have many BMI available at the moment, sorry, but maybe we can work something out! :D If you're willing to wait, we could wait so that I can try to get the item you are looking for!)

If LovelyHorseLover sees this on your page, you could win a BMI! (Hint - she checks her congratulations!)

I congratulate anyone back who has congratulated me! (PM me if I forgot to congratulate you, sorry!)

When you feel really good because Shiva, dodered, and Gold Essence congratulated you. :)

1/29/2020: OH MY GOSH my equestrian center is ranked 15th in popularity!!! Thank you so much!!! (lol I know that it only has a 2 people viewing it but it means so much to me!! :D 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png)
1/31/2020: 7283 in general ranking (My goal is to get higher and higher in the ranking!! :D)
2/3/2020: 6836 in general ranking!
2/21/2020: 5979!
3/3/2020: 4955
3/12: My equestrian center is 25th in popularity and 8th for Wester ec! :D
3/14: 98th in popularity! (^-^)
3/16: 60th in popularity! Oh my gosh! Yay!
and 3935 in general ranking!
3/25: 2973!
3/26: 24th in popularity!!!
4/12: 1930

Hi, and welcome to my profile! 

I have played Howrse before, and I left for a few years, but now I'm back!!! (I was going to put some kaomojis but this presentation won't let me :( )

I'm not exactly sure what to say...

My favorite animals are cats, wolves, phoenixes, and dragons.

I especially love reading! Here are my favorite book series:

Honestly I feel as if I should have more to say, but I can't think of anything right now...

Sorry, but I will add things as time goes on :)

Bye! Have a wonderful day!