Hey guys,

I am not brand new to howrse as I have played in the past. I don't plan to be highly competitive, just miss the fun! 
-JunieB2 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png

Will return all congrats I see and try to congratulate friends often, if not every day! 
Wow, 500! Thanks guys! Special thanks to jumperchick360!
1000! Special thanks to Colleen!

*Remember to have courage and be kind!* 

*I will take unwanted horses, PM before reserving.

More info about me- I am an adult player. I was introduced to the game by my niece a few years ago. I've loved horses ever since my first My Little Pony as a kid :) I have never had the privilege to own a horse of my own, maybe someday!  

I also love reading. I am a fan of Jane Austen, but I especially love Emma.
Some of my other favorites are the Harry Potter series, I did like the Hunger Games, and I have been reading through Game of Thrones. I am not exceptionally chatty, but will try to respond if messaged. I will accept random friend requests, but I will check out your page first! lol, I like to know a little about you! 
*I will occasionally "clean out" my friends list due to inactivity. If you come back and find you are no longer friends with me and would like to be please send a new request :) just trying to save clicks 

*Check out my sales; some decent little guys in there! Now that I have things going there should be some good deals! Most of my sales are a bit negotiable, so if you see something you like in my sale barn, let me know!