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About Me: I am a middle Schooler and younger that you might think, so be nice. Thanks to Princesse for making the layout. I love the book trilogy The Hunger Games. If you haven't read them yet, you should! I also really like Percy Jackson. I like to chat, and I will take friend requests but I like to get to know people, too. Also, thanks to LRDC and Princesse for making me 2 avatars.

Any of my horses in the Sale Barn are for sale, hence the name. The horses in the other tabs are not for sale, but if you have a decent offer for one, I just might accept! Don’t be shy!
Currently looking for a Liver Chestnut Pure Lipizzan. PM if you have one!
I am looking for The Greek God wanderer spirits! PM me if your willing to sell for less than 100,000 equus!
I am having a lucky number contest, if you congratulate me on my lucky number, you will win a prize!

1500th congratulator gets a prize!
You have to PM me because I might have 1505 congratulations and I won't see who the 1500th was.
If you buy one of my horses pls DO NOT give it to Ow just to complete the quest. We are supposed to buy and breed horses, not just get rid of them. If you do give it to Ow, you WILL hear from me.
Im having a contest for people to pm me! PM me with a guess number between 10 and 100. The closest one will win a prize. Must be submitted my December 25th.

I don't know what else to put here.
you can stop scrolling now
So, um, thanks for visiting my page, and bye!

hello? is anyone there to listen to me?
Well, well, well you didn't listen I see. hope you had fun scrolling for nothing.
WAIT! want some candy? I'll give you some if you stop scrolling. okay, well not really, but you can go buy some right now if you stop scrolling RIGHT NOW.
zebre is selling cheap BMI's


what are you doing down here?
Okay only people that've read The heroes of Olympus will get this.
Rick Riordan: Oh, you're starting to ship Percabeth,*throws them into Tartarus*
Okay bye bye.