Welcome to my page.
Please visit my equestrian center Boarded. Climb.

Any horse with (Sell) in their name is for sale and open for negotiation. Any horse with S or (S) will be for sale in the future.  

Looking for friends to help with contests, promotions, objectives, etc. I will help out when I can.
Updated: 7/28/2020
General Ranking Position:  3,459
Trophies Position:  6,098
Wealth Position: 8,376
Seniority Position: 8,011
Popularity Position: 525

Best Rankings
General Ranking Position: 3,459   (7/28/2020)
Trophies Position: 6,098  (7/28/2020)
Wealth Position: 8,373    (7/4/2020)
Seniority Position: 8,011 (7/28/2020)
Popularity Position: 26  (7/11/2020)