Hi! My name's Elizabeth. I'm 22 and a college student. I was active on Howrse maaaannny years ago and decided to give it another go.

Game Info:

Big Accomplishments 2021

[3/14] My horses Eleanor and Cyanmar, have both won rosettes, and Eleanor is #4 for Speed in Selle Francais horses!
[3/15] Ranked #61 in competitions won!
[3/16] I've bred Vanner foals that rank in the top 1000 for the breed! 
[4/7] My Vanner/Selle crossbreed program is off to its start!
[4/8] Consistently ranking in the rosettes category! Hoping for Top 50 soon. >:3
[4/10] Received the water fountain for weekly Grand Prix ranking!
[4/14] Bought an Arabian pair to start a new project! (Also bought passes for the first time.)
[4/27] My Adventuring Party line is currently ranked #1 in speed and jumping skills for Vanners!!
[5/2] Ranked #11 in Rosettes! Got VIP!!