Rachel | she/her | 19 | USA
Just an East Coast girl who loves Dunkin'

Meet the Player
My name is Rachel and I used to play Howrse when I was younger. I've decided to get back into the game and I'm excited to see how it goes! I work as a vet tech full time and absolutely love animals. 

I plan on breeding/BLUPing Marwaris and Shires on a more relaxed schedule. I also plan on slowly building up on my coat trophies as a sort of side breeding plan.

Typically looking for: Zeus' Lightning Bolt, Achilles' Heel, Chronos' Timer
Always on the lookout for Morpheus' Arms. Feel free to pm me about trade offers.
Items to Offer:
Philotes' Stroke
Artemis' Arrow 
Hera's Pack
Golden Apple
Vintage Apple 
Apollo's Lyre
Ow's Helios' Ray 
Pandora's Box
Hypnos' Blanket