I will pay *serious* money for any Diamond Apple.

                                                                                                Welcome to Bluebonnet Fields Equestrian! On this account, I will be focusing on breeding high GP Curly horses and NIB Akhal-Teke unicorns in the future. Any advice or help is appreciated. I have played Howrse on several servers, but I stopped playing years ago. I am not as familiar with the game now, despite leaving at 1900+ days on the US server and 1000+ on the International server. That was a long time ago, and this is like a whole new game now! I have plenty to learn. Please read the rest!
                                                                                                       My name is Lucky, and I am a 20 year old animal lover. I run a rescue group for dogs, cats, and exotics. I am a professional dog trainer. I not only train pet dogs and service dogs, I am also a disabled service dog handler. I am friends with a service horse and handler team! I will be bringing a miniature horse foal into my home in the next few years. This will be my first time training a service horse and, if all goes well, I will be training service horses professionally too. It is a dream come true!
I am looking to purchase a Wilderness coat, NIB or Foundation Akhal-Teke Unicorns, and Curly horses with over 6,000 GP.