Hellow !

Hello, my dears !

First of all.. thank you for those who congratulate me every day! If I still see it, you'll get a congratulations in return!

About me 
I'm Kristy, adult and live in Europe (Austria)! If you write to me, remember that there is a time difference... Depending on where you live, it's often half a day...

I've been playing howrse on the German and Australian versions (under the same name!) for over 10 years! So if you still need friends there, just send a request!
Of course you can also send me an inquiry here at any time! I play actively in the game and take part in activities diligently! Don't be afraid, I won't bite!

my game

Here I started breeding Shagaya... It will and will remain my hobby breeding! I'm currently trying my hand at the trophies! As long as I haven't collected enough aging points, that seems like a good idea to me...

I like my unicorns very much, but they will probably remain more of a hobby breed!

I'm currently actively (but leisurely) breeding Sell F. and trying my hand at my ponies (they're still extremely cute here)

All horses, ponies, etc. are currently not for sale! Thanks

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