I am back playing full time. I play my own way and intend to just have fun =) 


Avatar trivia complete Blackhand is the name of the horse in my avatar the foundation stallion for the breed of POAs Pony of The America’s in which my family and many of our horses we bred for  are in the Hall of Fame!

Please note: I work and am away from the computer a decent chunk of the day. I check in at work on my breaks but can't get a ton done-so if you reserve a horse for me please don't be blasting me in my PMs yelling at me .. I will get to it when I can and if you can't wait for me to get home I understand put them up in direct =) I check my reserved sales daily and I appreciate those of you that reserve horses to me I have just come across a little bit of hostility lately and needed to cover that =) 

If you would like to add me as a friend feel free.. I accept everyone and send things for every event that requires them! 

I am an adult player so please if you are under 18 PM me with parents permission.

I will add more as I see fit =)

If you have accidentally placed a horse in Direct sale and my auto purchaser bought it. please send me a PM I will sell it back to you. I wont however do this if you "accidentally" put 20 horses in the sale. I understand accidents  but I doubt people accidentally intend to sell 20 horses.. 1 or 2 I can see happening- I have done it myself.  what I need you to do since I have a large amount of horses is:

1. Message me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I move horses fast sometimes the sooner you can PM me the better luck you will have in getting your horse back. if I havent possibly sold the horse....

2. send me the link to the horse.

3. be patient. I am not here all the time but I am working on checking messages before moving horses to the sales.