BUYING- Pegasus’s, Donkeys, Drafts and Unicorns to coat, all variants. For GAs

Hi I’m Jessi I have been playing howrse since I was a teen back in 2006ish on international and when US opened I left international. Sooo yes I have been around a while ce52790629679d930ca16c39a4f619c3_v1582024785.png

If you would like to add me as a friend feel free.. I accept everyone and send things for every event that requires them! 

I am an adult player so please if you are under 18 PM me with parents permission.

If you have accidentally placed a horse in Direct sale and my auto purchaser bought it. please send me a PM I will sell it back to you. I wont however do this if you "accidentally" put 20 horses in the sale. I understand accidents  but I doubt people accidentally intend to sell 20 horses.. 1 or 2 I can see happening- I have done it myself.  what I need you to do since I have a large amount of horses is:

1. Message me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I move horses fast sometimes the sooner you can PM me the better luck you will have in getting your horse back. if I havent possibly sold the horse....

2. send me the link to the horse.

3. be patient. I am not here all the time but I am working on checking messages before moving horses to the sales.

Thanks for reading,