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Hi there! I'm Kanny. I'm an adult player who loves anime, manga, comics, books and video games. I love most music and am open to hearing new things. I love learning about different cultures and religions, and I'm currently attempting to learn Japanese. One day I hope to visit some other countries. Some I wish to visit are: Japan, United Kingdom, Paris. I have a dog named Gabby, who is an absolutely adorable medium sized mutt. She has a very friendly and HYPER!!! personality, teehee. I also have a teddy bear who is very, very dear to me. Her name is Sophia and I've had her since I was like 6 years old! I am a friendly person and love to chat, but I can be pretty busy at times. I've also been more picky about who I talk to... If you do something that makes me too uncomfortable, I'll most likely block you; other than that I'm pretty open. I also love to write, but I don't share my stories much anymore. If you play on another server of Howrse and would like to add me as a friend, I use the same username for all of my accounts. US server is my main, so you'll probably find me there more often. If you want to join me in any computer or console games, I have Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PSP, 3DS, Nintedo Switch, Wii U. I also have Steam and Oculus. Games I play on the computer include Minecraft, VR Chat, Fiesta, Aura Kingdom, League of Legends and more.

About me

Nicknames: Kanny, Romnas ; Gender: Female ; Born in: California ; Now living in: New York ; Birthday: August 14, 1995 ; Favorite color: Blue ; Favorite song artist: Porter Robinson ; Favorite song: Shelter by Porter Robinson and Madeon; Favorite season: Winter ; Favorite animes: Clannad After Story, Beyond the Boundary, Ano Hana, Erased, Claymore, Onegai Teacher, My Hero Academia ; Favorite food: Sushi, seafood ; Favorite animal: Bear, cat ; Favorite holiday: Halloween. I'm currently rewatching the Fullmetal Alchemist series'.

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