Check out my sells while your on my page, sells are usually negotiable.  If you buy a horse of mine with a pass or passes it is very much appreciated.0bcb59b20b3d6ca052d914412ddf00ab.png935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png

Wanting to Breed Foundy Donkies to get non inbreed foal.  I have one a male, but willing to use Z. Bolt to change gender.  Message me if you have a Foundy DONKEY and are interested.  I am also willing to use a fertility wand and any BMIs on the DONKEY Offspring.

Looking for a Slenpier the divine horse  Have a Liten (or 2) for sell or trade, will trade for other divines.  

Looking for DONKEY FOUNDYs.  Also any breed of Foundy  Or I would take a covering from a foundation DONKEY.  Just message me info Thanks 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png


Will help with Piñatas or any games message me:D.png?1828806360

.  I am looking for other SOA horses message me to talk about trade/ buying.  I am looking for the pestilentia coat.

I have been looking and wanting a Sleipnir for a while now so if your selling one let me know.  Also if someone or you are quitting the game and have a Sleipnir message me.

 Alright it's lottery time if you want to trade tickets message me and I will send you one and you send me one. :) If I don't get you one back let me know so I can send you like a bridle, aging point, or something.

Also while your on my page go look at my  Equestrian CenterThe Mountain Inn. it has carrots and western supplies.

Right now I am looking for a DONKEY stud / covering with high skill and blupped for my female Stitch.  If you want to see Stitch she is in the GA tab, I think page-ish 8.  She has high skills and is blupped I am wanting to see if a can get donkey with higher ranking.

Hestia's Gift , and I put a heras pack on her and I get one foal message if interested  I AM WILLING TO USE A HESTIAS GIFT ON ONE OF THE NEW UNICORN BREEDS PLUS A HERAS PACK FOR ONE OF THE TWINS.

 I am looking for these unicorns Fjord female, Thoroughbred, Holsteiner, Hanoverian, Purebred Spanish, Welsh and Shagya Arabian.  I will trade unicorn for unicorn. There are some breeds I dont want any more of because I already have that breed or the color of horse.  

Breeding Group "Painting Sunsets"


LOOKing for M.Blood for a few thousand equus a piece.  Like 4,500equus per Piece.  Or trade BMI or horse.  Has to be same price BMI or a alright horse (no unicorn or GA).

Hello, I love horses.  I am a female college student from the south and I love the outdoors, I like fishing, hunting and four wheeling and pretty much anything outside.  I like Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Greys Anatomy, and I am not to picky about my TV watching.  I love NE Patriots, NY Giants, The Steelers, Tim Tebow, and both the Manning Boys.  I like my Football.(7).png?1196797414  

Hello, I love horses.  And would be willing to trade or do what ever for certain horses and things.  But my first unicorn, Trigger and Spencer my first horse are not for sale or anythingIf you are interested in trading a unicorn for a different unicorn just send me a message.  I also have Paint unicorns.  

All horses for sell are always negotiable I also do trades: Bmi's or for other horses.  Right now I have a Morpheus Arms I am wanting to trade for horse or other BMI.

I AM LOOKING FOR P.STONES!  I have a lot of my original horses I would like to save.

I have some divine horses but they are not for sell and can not be sold.  I would buy them, if your quitting let me know I will buy them but not for a crazy amount of passes or equus.  Because I don't buy passes with real money, so I don't usually play with passes.

I am looking for nokotas, mustang, and Knabstruppers with high genetics or stars to breed with my horses if you have one send me a message if you can or will send me a covering.  I also can send you a covering. 

I now have 60 star nokotas, 6 to 12 star mustang, and 4 star curlies if you are interest in buying one or some message me and we can work out a price or a trade of some kind.

I am currently looking to buy bewitched pumpkin horses and 5th element horses. If you have any you wish to sell please pm me.  I need Metal and Earth/Rock element horses.   I can buy or trade with some of my horses. 

 I have got at least one of each bewitched horses if you would like to trade or whatever message me.(li).png?1196797414(a).png?1196797414

I am looking for the following:


I am looking for nokotas,mustang, Curly, Tenn. Walker and Knabstrupper unicorns I will pay or trade a unicorn for one of them.  I have got a mustang and knabstrupper male I will sale, trade, or trade for a female unicorn ( if possible for a mustang, knabstrupper, or nokota female)

If you see a horse of mine you like or that is for sale already, you can make an offer I am always open to negotiate prices and trades or what ever.  If they are good.;).png?1196797414If you are going to retire or quit the game soon and can't figure out what to do with your horses I would be happy to buy them, and give them a good home.(a).png?1196797414 I am looking for Zeus' Lightning Bolt's.(li).png?1196797414

I might be willing to trade one of my Pegasus for a horse or something, but they are not really for sale.  I am looking for any Pegasus if you want to sale.

I many any passes and don't really play with them.  Unless you want to buy a horse with them from me.  If you want to reserve a horse for me I will look at it and might buy it.

Any ways have fun. Its just a game.%286%29.png?1934785483%28li%29.png?1934785483%28a%29.png?1934785483   If you want you can send me a friend request.

Oh and if you decide to trade a horse or two with me for one of your horses make sure to look at each of my mares cause she may be in foal and to me that would count as two horses.

If you are selling any pregnant mares for a good price let me know and I will buy her.

So this is a new thing if you are reading this and see it I will give you any stud Fee for only 500 equus for any Stallion if you just private message me your mares name. 

Right now I am really looking for a stud fee for my female donkey.  At a cheaper price I looked in the mating tab and it was like 7500equus to for a mate so maybe if  you see this we could work something out for a cheaper price.  Anyways thanks PM me if you have anything.

If you have any kind of horse or immortal horse and want to sell it I will buy it for the right price.  And once I buy it I will not resell it to anyone but you.

I appreciate it if you buy a horse from me with passes, it helps.  Thank you(y).png?1828806360:D.png?1828806360

One of my studs Starstruck Tragedy he is immortal, if you want a covering just message me.

About me: Young adult , in college studying history/biology, lives in the south.