Welcome to the homepage of Heart of Razz!
Sorry about the slightly boring and not colorful aspects. Please do not take my profile picture (it's of my actual horse's nose).

My horses are competitors first and breeders second. They all compete in Western disciplines. My goal is to breed top competition horses, not necessarily purebreds. In fact, most of my horses are cross-breeds. 

However, if you would like a covering from any of my stallions feel free to send me a private message. I will almost always agree. 

I do not breed my mares very often, but when I do I usually keep the offspring. I have  several foundation mares who have breeding farms and affixes dedicated to their offspring and descendants. I usually won't sell any horse from a foundation mare breeding farm.

You can ask me about selling one of my horses, but I don't sell horses very often. (the likelihood of me selling a horse with a golden apple coat is unlikely especially if the horse has an affix other than 'of the Razz'.)

I will also accept any friend request and when I receive congratulations I usually send one back.

I don't have an equine center because I have my own business (animal massage) in real life and that's quite enough business running for me.935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png?975083578

I am an adult, so minors make sure your parents are okay with you talking to me.

Thanks for visiting!

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