I breed Lipizzaners here on Howrse under the affix "Welcome to Vienna". All of my horses are bred only when fully BLUPed and always with Aphodite's Tears to give them the sharpest possible competitive edge. My Lipizzaners are given the traditional names as set down by the formal stud book. There are six classical stallion lines: Pluto, Conversano, Maestoso, Favory, Neapolitano, and Siglavy. There are two other lines, "Tulipan" a Croatian line, and "Incitato" a Transylvanian line, but as these are not officially recognized by the stud farm in Piber, I will not be naming after those lines.

Mares only receive one name, whereas stallions are given a two part name - the "stallion line" name that belonged to his sire, and his dam's name. For example, a stallion named Pluto Sambata would have had a sire from the Pluto line and a dam called Sambata.

Lipizzaners are one of the oldest and purest breeds in the world and are most famous for being the only horses used in the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. As the SRS celebrates its 450th anniversary in 2015, I think it is very appropriate that Lipizzaners have been launched here on Howrse.

Before the Lipizzaners were offered in the Magic Ride Christmas promotion of 2014, I bred Purebred Spanish Horses under the affix "Welcome to Hawaii". With my favorite breed now in the game, I have retired all of my PSH's to live out their days in peace and quiet. My goal on the game is to breed excellent quality Lipizzaners, although I'm not interested in racing for the top GP. I simply don't have the time to commit to breeding and BLUPing for hours to maintain the pace that the top breeders do. I'll be content to admire their excellent horses from a distance and quietly build my own herd up. Welcome to Vienna, my friends!

I'm always open to random PM's, or to lend a helping hand if players need it. However, please understand that I do not give away free horses or items, nor do I enjoy receiving PM's asking if I would like to buy horses. When I'm in need of a certain horse, I scan the sales and usually find what I'm looking for there.

Happy Howrsing everyone!