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About Me

I love horses, always have. I had my first horse when I was 6 and he was stolen from me. Right now I don't have room for a real horse so I'm playing on here, lol. I enjoyed the job of groom for several EC's in Virginia and finally got hiried to train 5 Arabians, ended up owning all of them because the guy that I trained them for said they'd be good to prove what I could do. I kept them the whole time i lived in Virginia but couldn't afford to bring them with me when I moved. Now, because of health reasons, I can't train anymore so I play here. Probably way too much info but... there you have it. I am an adult player, so if you're under the age of 18 please get your parents permission before contacting me. I'm still building up my breeding farm and trying to figure out the best crosses to make to get what I'm looking for. Also, my EC is finally at 3 and a quarter stars!! I'm so happy!! Carrots are growing in the green house, so that's a plus. Soon as I can I'll be making health mashes. I'll accept random friend requests. I am a christian, firmly believe in Jesus Christ and am not ashamed to say so. I'm easy going and more then willing to help people out. However, if you're rude please do not contact me. Just a warning, but sometimes I can be random or straight forward, I don't mean it as rude. If it seems rude to you, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I'm not afraid of apologizing. Also, if you're a newbie and need some help, please feel free to PM me and friend me. Also, be sure to check out my breeding partner, ariana. She's awesome! Later!!

The Horses

I'm playing with several different breeds right now. I don't have any up for sale right now but if you see any you like feel free to make me an offer. However, my unicorns and high genetic and stared horses aren't for sale yet, I'm still trying to build my herd, lol, but I'll be sure to let you know if you choose one of those.The pictures below are of the horses my mother and I trained in Virginia. They're Polish Arabians and come from Kemosabi and Bask. I miss my horses like crazy, they were my babies.

Horses for trade and sale

I am selling off most of my Nokota's and Gypsy Vanners as well as some of my Appaloosa's. If the horses have a * next to their name, they're not for sale, but most of the others in those 3 catagories are for sale. I'll sell them for equus, passes, and/or BM items. Just PM me with an offer and we'll haggle. None of my unicorns or high star horses are for sale, PLEASE DON'T PM ME ABOUT THEM! I've given everyone on my friends list a lottery ticket!! Yay!! Happy Howrsing!!!.
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resultmist is a female divine who's skills change daily, meaning that one day she's an amazing trotter, the next day she's an elite dressage horse, and so forth. she is known for her ever-changing skills... kind of like you! you dont change skills every day though, you change your character. you change your style, your routine(s), even your performance, based on you're mood. you can one day be wearing a bright yellow sundress, and the next day a deep purple jacket with jean shorts. you dont like to stay the same for a long time. you have many faces and personalities, and because of that, you have a great variety of friends. you are known for your crazy ideas, your unbeatable style, your many unforgettable adventures, and your free, ever-changing spirit.

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A Special Dedication

In these last few days I've been faced with something that is absolutely heartbreaking. My dog, the one I've had since birth, bottle fed, burped, trained... He's dying. When we first found the lump, we thought it was just a pulled muscle, so we waited. It got bigger. We were finally able to get him to the vet and we were told it was cancer, but because we didn't have the money for surgery, and because the vet refused to take payments, it grew bigger while we rushed around trying to find another vet that would help us. We couldn't find one. We finally had to take him back to the same vet who said it wouldn't do any good to do surgery now because the cancer had progressed too far. So now he's dying, and there's nothing we can do. We take our pets for granted, they love us, no matter what we look like, smell like, talk like... No matter if we're disfigured, fat, skinny, ugly by society's standards, or the most beautiful person in the world. It's a reflection of God's love for us, that's why dog spelled backwards is God. But, unlike God's love, a mortal fleshly being can't hold that strong of love inside them for long, because with that love, that being gives all they have. Protection, security, a friend that will never betray you. Warrior has been his name sake for the 9 years he's been alive. He's protected us, loved us, kept us warm when we were cold, and urged me to get up and move and play when I was at my most depressed. I'm losing one of my best friends, and my heart hurts so bad that I can barely breath. But I know that part of life's journey is death, it's a natural cycle and at least he won't be in pain anymore. For those of you that pray, please pray for us, that we have the strength to be strong for him, to hold our tears until he's gone, and can't see them. I can honestly say he's our baby. And I'll miss him. The picture above is of him, before he got sick. RIP Baby Boy... I love you with all my heart. 7/19/2012

The last will and Testament of a dog

The below pic is dedicated to all the Pit's who are misunderstood. Cesar Milan said it best, "don't worry about training the dog, train the owner and the dog will follow." Sammy, the crazy dog laying upside down in a couple of pics above is Black Lab and Pit and the only danger anyone would have from him is being licked to death lol. A dog is loyal and protective, that's what God put them here for, and the Pit breed is a perfect testament to loyalty, protectiveness and a willingness to try.

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