I went on a bit of a hiatus last year due to some personal issues, but I am back! I am no longer on any teams as my work does not allow me to keep up with the breeding requirements. I play just for fun now! I collect GA's/RC's and any other fun collectibles! I take care of my divine horses just about every day (they would appreciate an apple, if you'd like to check them out!) I will accept friend requests, but I can not promise that I will be able to chat because of my work/life schedule. 
Hello all! My name is Madelaine but you guys can call me Rusty! I am a dog trainer from Michigan! I used to have a horse of my own but I had to sell him. I now have a dog (Daisy, 5F), two leopard geckos (Lola, UKF & Maui, UKM), and a crested gecko (Jarvis, UKM). I have a wonderful fiancé who keeps me sane (mostly). If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to shoot me a PM!
Everything that is FOR SALE is listed in the public sales. You can take a look at those by clicking here. Most of the stuff in my sales is negotiable, but if you send me a lowball offer, I will ignore it. Please be reasonable. I have worked very hard to acquire the equus/passes I have today and I have every intention to continue with my wealth. DO NOT message me about buying a horse that is not for sale, as mentioned above - it will be listed under SALES. If you message me about a horse in my breeding farm, I will just ignore you as you have clearly ignored ignored my page LOL! 
11/6/21 - I got engaged! My fiancé proposed to me while we were taking a trip to Florida to visit my brother. He set up a surprise horse back riding trip in the Tampa Bay! We went swimming on horseback, and once we were finished, he proposed to me from the beach while I was still on my horse! The horses we rode were both drum horses, my horse's name was Moana, my fiancé's was Jewel! It was so much fun, and an experience I will NEVER forget! We will definitely be back in the future to reminisce! 
I do not have much to put here, but I guess if you are my 15,000th congratulator, please send me a message! I might gift you a little something!

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