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Hi! My name is lovetuv, welcome to my page. Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am a horse owner/rider (western). I also have two dogs, a snake, a guinea pig, and a chicken. I love animals! I enjoy photography. I've just gotten into it lately and I have fallen in love with it! Also, If you get the chance, please congratulate Animallover7645365 and Tora! They are awesomely great people! If anyone needs help, I'd be glad to be of assistance. ;).png?779456162 Thanks for stopping by my page!


More About Me

 So as I was saying above, my name is lovetuv. So go ahead and call me that. I have my own horse, His name is Johnny. He is a buckskin Quarter Horse gelding. Johnny's picture is at the top of the page. I also have two dogs. One is a Pug/Shih-tzu/Pit bull mix who just turned four, and the other is a Maltipoo who just turned one. I also have a guinea pig, a snake, and a chicken.

I don't give out any personal information, so please don't ask me for any. I love to read. My favorite books are The Hunger Games, The Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings series, and Little Women. I also love music. My favorite artists are Maroon 5, American Authors (super talented!) and I am a directioner. I have certain songs I enjoy, but sometimes I don't like the whole artist's album. My favorite foods are rice and spaghetti. (separate, of course) My favorite animals are horses and dogs.

I love Pit Bulls! My parents have owned Pitties since before I was born. They are the sweetest, most loyal dogs I've ever owned. They are about as vicious as a sheep. I love them and it's so sad that people think the exact opposite of them because of a few dogs that were trained to fight. You could train a chihuahua to do what those Pit Bulls do.

R.I.P  Bonnie, I love you sweet girl. <3 1999-2008

R.I.P Lou-Lou, I love you licky louster.<3 2000-2010

I live somewhere in the world that speaks English, but I am also learning to speak Spanish. I am also on the international server, but I almost never go on. I have the same username. I also try to congratulate back if I see you have. I accept most friend requests after you have PMed me! I like to put comments next to my friends, so it's just nice to get to know you first! Thanks for taking the time to read this!

~ Lovetuv

Selling and Buying

If I have any horses for sale, they're going to be under the "For Sale/Taking Offers" tab. I don't take any low-balls (such as offering me 5,000 on a horse that I've listed for 25,000), but all my direct sales are negotiable.  ______________________________

  Looking for a Cremello QH foal with 750+ gp.


If you want coverings from my studs, please contact me. I will do 500-2,000 equus depending on the horse.

 My Akhal-Teke stallion covers are 6,000-7,500 equus. At the moment, my stud Shooting Star is offering coverings. I will  soon have another stud available for breeding. He has 1214.92 gp and is a pure bred Akhal-Teke. You can see his page here.

I am mainly breeding high-skilled Akhal-Tekes by myself at the moment. The group is called Teke-Sama. I breed high-skilled Akhal-Tekes, you can look at them in the tab "Akhal-Tekes". I am looking for new members. Must have Akhal-Tekes with 1200+ GP.


  • 3/12/13: The day I bred my first uni! Yaaaayy!!
  • 6/21/13: OMG OMG OMG OMG! I got a Pottok Wild Horse in the Titan's Challenge!!!

Safe Haven

Also, if you have ANY  horses you are going to send to the Safe Haven, I will take them for a reasonable price.


  • 1,500 Equus for any horse
  • 6,000 Equus for unicorns

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This is one of the horses I've ridden in real life! DO NOT TAKE!

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