If I do not congratuate you in a timely manner I apologize. Due to everyone in the neighborhood being online due to this STUPIDITY of this PLANDEMIC my WIFI is extremely SLOOOOOW and cuts out on me several times a day.

To those of you who have taken a box in my equestrian center I only opened it to get required objectives. I tried once long ago to have one and failed miserably to get it up.

This is to inform everyone that unless you see them in the sales NONE of my horses are for sell. They are named after pets I have had that are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. So PLEASE do not ask me to sell and DO NOT try to pressure me to sell them by endlessly sending PMs asking will block if you do and report you.  The Divines and Wilds I have cannot be sold at all per the game. They can only be sent to Safe Haven. Except for Greyfell, Geyser  and Qilin ( And he can only be bred to my own unicorns per the game.) the Divines and Wilds Cannot be bred.