If you are VIP and would like to have an Nyx Pack in exchange for 3 Golden Apples, message me! Looking to trade, but don't have the VIP to set it up!

If you have a horse with 4,370+ in gallop, I would be very grateful if you could run in my competition, as it keeps losing the rosette! Just type in Amity Park Hotel into the search bar. Thank you!

Always looking for golden apples BMIs! Please PM me if have any!

My Game: I'm just here to have fun. I've never bought passes. I do accept random friend requests. I try to return congratulations. If I'm causing you problems with blupping, kindly let me know.

About me: Christian. Adult. Female. Loves reading, writing, videogames, anime, drawing, and crafts. I'm not very social, so I don't really chat, but I will answer questions and book/anime recommendations. I also blog about books and writing: My Thing About Books

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"There is always good. It may just lay in wait until you need it most. The down days will come for us all. I know you've the strength to stick it out. Blessings will come all in their own due time." -a friend