Welcome to my page!

I accept any and all friend requests!

I will buy any horse for 500- 1000e, just leave it in my reserved sales and I will buy it as soon as I see it.

If you have an interest in one of my horses PM me and we can work out a deal if I am willing to sell them


I have created a Build-A-Horse, what this means is that you choose females and males you would like to how a foal from in the build-a-horse tab, Dams being females and sires being males. If you are only looking for a covering for one of your horses by a male of mine send me the male you are interested as well as the horse you want covered. When looking at the horses available for breeding, if you find a pairing you want, send me a message with both the male and females name.


Male Covering: 7,500e

Build-A-Foal Cost

Foal: 10,000e

Filly: 15,000e

Additional Costs will be for the amount of time between the request and delivery of the foal/filly as well as any special requests. 


Twins: +30,000e or send me a fertility wand through exchanges

Specific Gender/Gender change: +15,000e

Bonus items: +4,000e per bonus

Same Day order fulfilled: +10,000e (Please keep in mind that this only applies to when I see the message sent to me)

When the foal/filly is born I will send you the details on color, GP, skills at birth, gender, and total cost. 

When you receive the update you then have the option to request bonus items to be added to the foal/filly if you haven't already requested additions. If satisfied, reply to my update with either the additions or a conformation that you are happy with the outcome. I will let you know when the foal/filly is reserved for you and/or the update on total cost.