This presentation is under construction ... Eventually I'll fix the misalignment/size issue, and maybe I'll write more later, but basic stuff you might want to know (or not): I have 2 dogs and 3 guinea pigs. I have a separate box for guinea pigs ... I might talk more about the dogs here. I am an adult, but not very serious about being one. Ummm ... yeah, later. If you have anything specific you'd like to see me discuss, let me know ... I won't make any guarantees, but I might include it.
The fuzzy little guinea pig acting as my avatar is Twix. She is 7 in that picture. Unfortunately, she has passed away. My current guinea pigs are a mostly black American satin, and a chocolate and white Peruvian (technically half-Peruvian, but she's got the long fur and rosettes), and a sable lunkarya (I'm not sure if she's a solid silver or a dilute solid, but her coat is dark, long, curly, and beautiful with a wooly tummy.)

My piggies eat Oxbow food, for anyone who is curious. This is a brand that was recommended by a small animal specialist, and in my experience, Oxbow is well liked by guinea pigs. They also get lettuce daily and slices of carrots, sweet peppers, and apples for treats. And hay, hay, hay galore!

We currently have a bumper crop of sweet peppers, so she is getting lots of those lately. For those uncertain of what I mean by "sweet pepper," it just means that they are not hot peppers; the classic example would be a bell pepper, but we aren't growing bell peppers. The variety of pepper is called "Tweety," and it's quite prolific in its growing. We ordered the seeds online, but they might be available online pre-started, as well, if you're not that ambitious.
Update: The 'Tweety' pepper plants are continuing to produce peppers late into November, though they had to be brought inside before the first frost.

I haven't entirely decided what I'm going to put in this box, but it was already there, so it got to stay. This presentation was made for me a while ago by a player on international (kitsune247), and I made a couple modifications to adjust box titles and such, but I didn't really want to make huge changes, so I may have more boxes than I really need.
I've got a couple different endeavors going on currently, but I work on them all sporadically. Most of my horses spend the majority of the time collecting dust, but that doesn't mean that I don't care about them. I will offer coverings if you ask; I offer them sporadically otherwise.

I always game my horses fully, but I do not use a schedule, per se, I'd be happy to explain how I go about my games, but don't expect a complex schedule for each day of training broken down hour by hour. I don't find gaming to need that.
I find that blupping can be rather monotonous, and I am not generally a speed blupper; I can blup quickly if I need to (assuming I can get the competitions to run quickly enough to collect up wins in a timely manner). Regardless of whether I can get everything finished, though, I can guarantee that if I request use of your EC, the horse will meet your requirements by the update or be removed prior to the update. If I found your EC without asking, please contact me if you need something specific done with the horse.

I have been on teams in the past, and I'm not opposed to being on teams in the future; however, I do need to know the expectations, and I expect a unified group with a uniform goal.