No, the avatar is not my horse -- I just picked it out because of its unusual color

and coat pattern  

Life happens -- hubbie retiring -- need to take care of a LOT of things 

between now and end of year ... 

won't be breeding or playing much -- just no time or money anymore --

maybe after the first of the year I can do more -- right now, 

real life takes precedent

If you blanket comps -- it is not stomping --

but how do you expect anyone else to blup if you blanket?  

Soo, they can blanket too, just like you ...

your horses will have other horses in comps that may beat them

- NO I don't  stomp -- I use auto comp, big difference ...

I LIKE this game --- it's some of the

BEHAVIORS of the players I'm not fond of; there is a difference .... 

READ all of the presentation, not just some of it; 

and use your reading comprehension skills to understand it 

--- I keep my stock, I never sell them;  my playstyle ....  

Notice:  If I reserve a horse for you in reserved sales , you have 3 days to get it before I put it 

back on the open market

 ---- if you don't  have access, I will expect you to get said access in a reasonable amount of time;

(that is a reasonable time to me, not you)  

Or I will put it on the open sales ...... I do not keep "other people's" horses

I also do not sell my horses -- Unless as I say, they are worthless to me; 

and YES I check to see if there is a promo on that makes you give a horse to Ow --- and NO I do not sell horses just to have people give them to Ow -- so don't even ask -- use your own or buy one you can afford -- 

if you want to complete the objective, do it yourself ...  

Do you honestly think I put this much time, effort, and expense into my horses, just to have someone throw them away? -- no, I do not

I will be glad to help with objectives --- just not that one,  or one that requires me to sell one of my horses  (and those I will help with that  "sell"  thing --- you already know who you are) 

We all know who you are, oh person force retiring coats  -- and WHY you are doing it ....  

just for the record - I will never buy any thing from you -- ever ...... 

so this is one person NOT buying your overpriced coats (especially for REAL US dollars; 

which is against the EULA , btw ); you can laugh about getting away with it all you want - but you know it is wrong;

and YES, we know how you are hiding the coats too 

I hope you can sleep well at night - because I couldn't 

And -- you can even change your name -- but we still know who you are, my friend ...

Have a nice day with your equus and passes; 

if you have to get your jollys by cheating and breaking rules - 

you have no real life

Check out my "favorites"  -- a lot (if not all) have limited coats .... grab the coats while you still can for your horses 

I now have enough donkeys to breed all the mules they can think of -- NO More Donkeys !!

Yea ! (Only want them for the GAs and the trophies)

I hate mules and I hate zebras -- sheesh -- give me REAL breeds -- and no more drafts or donkeys -- I hate them too ...  

Zebras aren't even in the same species as our domesticated horses (neither are donkeys); genus -- yes, species, no -- 

they have different numbers of chromosomes

----  Please, NO mules or zebras !!!!!   If I wanted to play a game about the zoo or farm animals, I'd be playing it 

You have NO control over who buys your horses in the auctions or direct sales; there is NOTHING you can do, or say, to change this -- you can not block them from buying them in auctions and direct sales; game can't do that 

Just chill and get over it ... 

(I keep all of mine for the most part, I don't sell any) -- because those things happen 

Look folks, people are going to buy horses if there is a daily for the passes that says "buy a horse.." Don't blame them for this, blame the GAME for putting up that objective - okay ? YOU wanted these passes, so here they are ... 

Sorry, I do not give freebies -- I don't care what your story is, I've heard them all ... and "once burned, twice shy" --- if someone ever burns you, you will feel the same 

I recently got the divine, (Hipparion), that gives me breeds and colors of horses I do not already have --- these horses will be collected, they are not for sale till I say so and YES -- 

they might disappear if sold -- the buyer's loss, not mine ( that is why they have no affix); I simply do not care ... 

All of my horses I wish to keep have either affixes on them, or are GAs ..

if I sell any horses, they are worthless to me, and they have no affixes (at least none of mine) ... I keep any and all of my horses if I deem them valuable (with or without my affix)  -- If I raised them or bred them, I keep them 

NO -- I do not want your cross breds -- I can breed my own better ones .. please, do not sell them to me;  I don't want them and I will resell or send to Safe Haven ... 

I do not keep unwanted horses "just to have lots of horses" (it never made sense to me to have lots of horses you never intend to bother with just for the sake of numbers)

And I do not like having a lot of foals I will never use.  No, I will never be a top ranked player or breeder, but I do not care.

I also 100% blup all my horses -- and YES, it does make a difference ( I know a lot of people say it doesn't, but .. ) ; I have done research and have seen it on other folks' horses

When you put males up on public covers -- make sure they are 100% blupped -- no one wants to use a less than 100% male.

I never give out donkey or draft covers -- that includes draft unicorns, and Uni donkeys as well; 

(and no, none are for sale. If you ask. I will ignore and delete the pm)

I don't mind you reselling horses I've sold to you; -- but if I give a gift; -- I expect you to appreciate the gift -- and not sell it; --- I could have sold it for a profit and not been kind hearted  .... be careful how you treat people .... it may backfire on you .... 

I also do not sell horses cheap, unless I feel they should be sold cheap;

once you work for your horses as hard as I have and some others have, you will understand why we are like this ...


I am not really a competitive player; semi-competitive, maybe;  I am here to relax and have fun 

I tried to be competitive with Hanos, Knabstruppers, and TBs --- too much work and it took up all my time -- wasn't for me ---- 

NO GA coats are for sale -- none--- paid too much for them to sell them 

NO drafts, Unis, or donkeys are for sale -- ever -- worked too hard to get them and some were gifts (see above about how I feel about gifts); 

some have GAs and they stay with me of course

If you haven't already --- go to EC ----> office---> Boarding; 

There is a menu for setting your INITIAL stay time limit --- set it to the lowest you can (which I believe is 3 days now); I also highly recommend setting your max stay at 3 days if you can too ---  and bump the skills up to the highest you can (mine are usually the highest I can get them, and I change then as as often as I am allowed) ---- 

Having very, very high skills for boarding keeps low skilled horses from getting your newly made boxes too --  so remember that .... also reserve all the boxes to you -- that way YOU control who gets in ( go look at the big breeders' Ecs, that's what they do )  

Go and look at my EC --  it's not the best -- there are lots better ----   but it will give you some very basic ideas of where to start and what to do to get your EC up and going well ...

Foal Games --- follow to the letter; and do NOT forget to bed down ( believe it or not, some folks do this .... )

Actually, in my humble opinion -- if you want to do it right, with NO mistakes and NO chance of messing up ( unless it's your fault, which does happen) --  use a really good EC with 3* boxes ......... and a watering trough and shower help -- a lot !

I don't have hundreds of dollars to spend a week to play a GAME. I have bills to pay and a husband to pay attention to --  I'll tell you what I told my top ten raid guild in Everquest II before I quit -- "I can't even put this on a job resume, they'd laugh at me.  I don't get paid, I have NO health insurance, and no retirement fund.  So why am I spending all day playing in a silly virtual world with no real benefits?"
Real Life comes first -- and always will ....

Ok, I don't usually complain too much -- but I am about this -- Divine owners --
particularly NEW divine owners ( "OLD " divine owners should know better already ) --------  please, please ---- have a heart ----
And  DO NOT enter your divines in Rookie Competitions ..... 

You can't breed most divines, so you don't need to blup,  and the ones you can, don't need to be because blupping makes NO ---  NO difference in the foal you'll get ..... AND their skills do nothing for an EC --  NOTHING
divines are totally different in those respects ------ so ---- please --- again...
I implore you .......

Be observant -- read the game news and updates -- you will miss a lot of things about this game if you don't pay attention and READ!

OK ----  I believe and  like  Truth In  Advertising ..........  and I practice it
If you don't tell the truth, I remember it for future reference ...........
"Buyer   Beware"    as  the old adage goes ........ there are some not so truthful people in this game  ----- 
Check any horse's "stats"   BEFORE  you buy !!
 Make sure the horse really IS what  you think it is .......  people at times don't tell you all the details ........  or just out right lie ........  and folks --
 please, please --  don't buy donkeys with NO covers left for passes -- they are NOT worth passes IMHO -- 
and crossbreds really are not worth passes either -- IF you are a big breeder, and have access to the very best breed or breeds on the server, then yes, crossbreds might just be worth a pass or two; but for the average breeder, no --  just not worth breeding or selling imo .. I've played around with cross breeding and I know that if they ever decide to cross breed, I'm done ... might as well sell them off ... so no point in even starting

I have some great links to Xanthos, Topaz, and Frost a little farther down on the page if you'd like to use them !   ...............

A line from my very favorite original Star Trek episode -- "Friday's Child "
( and words to live by .. )

"What Maab says is true. We  are different.  What the Klingon says is unimportant, and we do not hear his words"   ---  with the natives of the planet laughing in the background,  Dr. McCoy turns and whispers to Kirk --  "I just called the Klingon a liar." 

Thank you ST for those wonderful words of wisdom -- as I said, words to live by.....

Stroke 5 Xanthos !

Xanthos 1

Xanthos 2

Xanthos 3

Xanthos 4


Topaz --- for you to go and visit    AND   Frost

Topaz 1

Topaz 2

Topaz 3

Topaz 4

Topaz 5



Aging Point !!


My personal goal is to someday have ALL the horses I consider my "comp" horses to have one of  MY affixes on them -- 

The ORIGINAL men of Star Trek ---- RIP  Deforest Kelley (1999) and Leonard Nimoy (2015)  ----  We miss you!
            and time marches on -----  Karl  Urban ( the new McCoy) ---  he is  
            such a hunk ! 

th_KarlUrban--McCoy.jpgA typical "McCoy "  look ---  Mr. Kelley would have approved !  I so love those eyes !

NVtvshow--LoriMartin.gifFury1A-1.jpgmyfriendflicka1A.jpg  Do you know who these people are;  and from what shows ?

Yes, I watched a lot of science fiction and "horse" shows when I was a kid   (y).png?1097526923 Come on -- you have to know at least ONE of these -- he was  a very well known actor!

My very first science fiction "crush"  --  I was SIX YEARS OLD --- THAT kind of crush (lol).png?1097526923 -- the cute "guy" (lol) sitting down in the middle 

His name was Steve Zodiac --  the show was called Fireball XL 5 -- it came on Saturday mornings --- and he was a PUPPET !!!!!

th_fireballxl5.jpgTomBakerandSarah.jpg    graceandthedoctor.jpg
 ---  and then -- there was The Doctor !
Tom Baker --- my favorite of all the Doctors ( well, ok Paul McGann was a very close second!)


Ok -- super big Pet Peeve -- get ready ----

To all those of you who give stipulations on horses you sell ---

1) don't resell the horse

2) don't use the horse as a pass horse

3) don't send the horse to safe haven

And etc and so on ......

Ahem --- guys, this is a game -- these are FAKE horses --- they're not real ---

and the person who buys the horse can and should do anything he/she wants to do with it --- if you don't want people to do that -- then DON'T sell the horse ---  sheeesh !!!!

If you have issues with this, maybe another game would work better for you .....


NONE of my horses are for sale; so please don't ask, I'll just ignore the pm --- IF I ever sell any, they will be in my "other" tab with the sale icon on them --- their price will be firm; I'm not a newb ... so don't waste either of our time by trying to deal me down --- my horses are not "scrubs "-- I've worked hard for these horses; they may not be all that "uber-leet", but they're mine ... 

None of my GA coats are for sale -- I worked hard and spent real money --- now if I gave them all away, I wouldn't have the trophy .... so they stay with me --  always --- work hard like I did, and get some of your own  (y).png?1097526923 ..... some of them are even rare retired  coats, I'm never letting them go either --- please read and respect my feelings 



I am a very big American Saddlebred fan -- I'd drop all the other breeds I'm working with if I ever got one in the game ....  this is a US server, can we please have another US breed?   

Lusitanos would be nice too, but I'd like ASBs first ---- good grief, we have draft horses for Pete's sake .... why haven't we got ASBs?  

I'm tired of the drafts --- they aren't good comp horses and really, have you ever seen a draft horse jump ?( from what I was told, it's almost impossible to get Clydesdales to jump in real life)