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About Me

HELLO everybody! I am a friendly adult player. I absolutely love this game, what an addiction it can be!
Unfortunately, my job continues to limit the amount of time that I spend on here these days. If I do not respond to messages, I apologize, I am not trying to be rude, I just don't have much time to get maintenance done.

I do Not offer public coverings from my unicorns/horses, unless I decide to put the coverings out. It is a rule that my group follows, and I will not break it, so please don't ask, I will not respond to the request.

Congrats to every player that has gotten artwork accepted thru the Black Pearl, Great Job! And good luck to everyone!

Happy Howrsing everyone, and good luck! Thank you for stopping by.

Unfortunately I have received a bunch of begging and demanding messages: requesting my horses to be sold at unreasonable prices, for coverings, for horses that are Not for sale, for items or gifts to be sent. I am sorry but I will not respond to these messages either, and if there is further harassment I will report you. But lets hope it doesn't go there!

I am NOT accepting random friend requests, sorry!

Wee Magic

I am the Leader of Wee Magic, top quality Shetland Unicorns. I have an AWESOME team of people that work the unicorns with me, and want to say Thank You to each and everyone  of you who have helped me get them where they are now. I am not looking for new members at this time.

The unicorns are fairly priced, as they are the top breed of unicorn on the game. Foals and parents come with at least a whip, mares will be in gestation!

Thank you to everyone that has supported me and the team with purchases!


This was a fascinating theatrical show I experienced with two of my sisters, the images are from their website, arranged by rebedebecky!


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