People who stomp just to do it are driving me nuts. Yes I am in a bad mood because of these people......they made things hard just because and it makes me don't need to stomp such low horses.....

My avatar was made for me on lioden. If found with it you will be reported! I paid money and reserve the rights to it.

I am very sick and will not be online much for a while. I hope that it will not be too long but as of now my residence is the hospital. Most of my teams are on hold at the moment that I own.


I'm out of the hospital for a little while now. I have had kidney issue along with a head injury. I'm slower and things take longer but I'm mostly back and working with my teams again.

I play Star Stables so feel free to look me up on there if you play. I'm Bella Eveningrock!

₦ȱяωɛɠḯȧɳ  £ɛɠä̤ƈყ- 2-3-14 Proudly produced the first 830 GP fillies and 31 stars! 3/4/14 produced the first 990 GP fillies!

12/15/2013- 9th in Popularity for Western!!! WOW thanks guys for everything!!! This means a lot to me!! Also 34th in Popularity for my EC thank you all for the support!!! <3

I'm looking for horses with the affix Smith & Wesson Farm if you have one and are willing to sell to me please let me know! I will pay well for them ;-)

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Got 7th place in races won on 1/16/2015! it's the best I've gotten to date! Woot!


About Me

PHi I'm an adult player so please get your parent's permission before interacting with me if your under 18.

I also wont take friend requests from people I don't know. But feel free to message me. I'm very friendly so just say hi and get to know me first. Thank you.

Sit-boy.gifSo on to the good stuff, I'm Prime's Shadow. I'm 5'4 with brown hair that has blue/Purple streaks on each side of my head. I've also got blue eyes. I live in norther Cali and live with my boyfriend though I'm Bi.  I'm a girl who appreciates a good body, regardless of the make. I'm big into pride, I think it's important to be yourself. Girls can love girls just as much as boys can love girls. And the same with guys. Love is love ;-)

I've been a big Trekie( Star Trek) for as long as I can remember (Spock and Kirk are awesome!), I also love Transformers and the Fast and Furious movies, along with Supernatural and Harry Potter. Draco Malfoy and Harry are my two favorite characters. In F&F Brian and Dom are my favorites along with the amazing cars they drive. Okay now on to Transformers, Ironhide, Optimus and Starscream are my favorites. I also LOVE Supernatural! Dean is just awesome lol and has funnish dark scenes of humor. My best friend calls me the human dictionary of all things Supernatural lol. I love it so much I was able to get the sister car to Dean's. I love cars as well. I have a 72 Chevelle 4 door and an Acura RSX which is sparkly blue. She's got some engine mods to help when racing. I used to be a street racer though I don't do it anymore I still miss it a lot!

I also Love anime and I'm a cosplayer. Sailor Moon was my first anime and the first cosplay I ever did, And is still my most favorite anime ever! I also love Naruto and Bleach. I also really liked Death Note for a while, I really like Tsubasa right now too. I'm spend most of my time now cosplaying Sakura I've got two of her dresses already and I'm trying to get another. IF you would like to know more about Cosplay please feel free to PM me. I'm quite friendly.

I ride two older horeses that are very dear to my heart. Ones a dressage champion and the other qualified for the Olympics in cross-country but was hurt on a jump along with 3 other horses one of which had to be put down sadly. They are both 31 years old now and still going strong.a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png?2022188751

I was also on the Howrse cup team Cutting Quarters.~Thank you Ma and Sandy!~

Ginger from our team has just joined us on here too go check her out shes quite a great person.

I'm also on International howrse as Narutaisho. GO check me out on there too!!

So there was one other horse that I was riding but this morning I got bad news that she had come down with colic and has died..... She was my favorite and was a great berrel horse and great on trails. Amazing bareback horse. She was a white horse with brow spots and had a black forlock and white main and her tail was black. She used to cuddle with me after rides. I'm soo sad.... I'll never get to see her again....I wish I had taken more pictures of her.


Breeding and Stuff

I am a member of the #1 Curly breeding group, Le Maison aux Tarot.
~We are selling top GP skiller geldings. with a WoY and bred with tears to order. Horses are aged to 2.6 (with 57+ eq. lessons) and gelded. (No Nyx Pack)

I work with the miraculous Ridin_Ma go check out her horses she's amazing!! =)

I have an Obj.91 horse for loan.

I also breed TW unicorns! If you would like one feel free to pm me an order. They range from 1-2 passes. Or 100,000 E. I'm also looking for a partner if your interested please feel free to PM me, you must have references for this and have access to the BM as you will need to be breeding.

I will take any unwanted howrse. I will pay between 500-1000E. Just send me a PM letting me know.

All of my Retired or Golden Apple Coated horses are not for sale. They have been hand picked by me or were gifts from very good friends..


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As You can see I'm a big Supernatural fan. If you are one too feel free to Pm me I love to chat! ^.^


A legend has passed. One of my hero's Lenard Nimoy (Mr.Spock) died on Feb 27th. I woke up knowing something was wrong and when I found out it was very heartbreaking. He lived a long life and a very happy one at that. He was not only an actor but a producer and a photographer. Please send your prayers to the Nimoy family. He will be forever missed. May he forever live among the stars.

Live Long and Prosper.


Proudly part of Cutting Quarters a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png?763359189 in Howrse cup 10th in the Elite league!

Sweet Dreams photo SNA6.gif

Independent Dakota was rescued on June 23rd, as 1 of the 19 howrses rescued from the same breeder. I now have her, and hope that she will be very happy for the rest of her days ^^


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tumblr_lpfmyrgs8h1qgce2no1_500.png I have this on a T-Shirt with the Impala next to it! Love it haha!