I am over 60 chronologically yet I have been told I am much younger mentally. I have taught for many years and I believe the students have kept me young. I taught in all grade levels but I enjoyed high school students the best. I worked in Special Education which is code for “I taught every subject”.
I was a moderator on this game for a couple of years. I enjoyed it greatly until some changes showed me that I was no longer going to be able to perform the duties of a moderator. It is a tough job but it can be filled with fun. We had contests and fun topics all the time. I miss the interaction with the players but sometimes the best thing you can do is step away. I am always available to answer questions.
My passion would be my children. I have 3 and I am very proud of each. One serves in the US Coast Guard. Another is in college to be a Social Worker and my third is in college to be a Veterinarian. They each have their positives and negatives but I believe that is the human condition. None of us are perfect we just need to accept that and give unconditional love.
I am also a dog person. I love training my dogs and spending time with them. They all love to chase balls, go for walks and play with each other.  As a child I had cats and never felt the need for dogs! At the age of 40 I bought my first puppy. A little Keeshond. And that was it. I learned to enjoy dogs. I have never owned a horse and I have never wanted to. I love all animals but horses are too much for me!

I am an adult that enjoys the game for many reasons. I have been on teams of one sort or another since the buckin’ team days. I was lucky to work with minskins and fancydancer on those teams. Both players I have missed greatly. I take seriously being trustworthy and honest. I protect the team horses and will not allow cheating to occur from my account.
As long as we are on the subject, I do not give out co-share to anyone but Loon Watcher and my daughter. I’m sorry but there are no exceptions to this. I have seen too much team drama and I will not be a part of it. I don’t play the game for drama and I don’t want any.  What fun is drama?
I enjoy being on teams but I’m also ok with not being on teams. I am not concerned with being on the best teams just blupping and skilling horses that are fun. And that means the team is drama free for me. I have more time with this pandemic to do team horses but this may become harder in the future as life returns to normal.
Please do not ask me to do anything to ruin my reputation on the teams. Thank you.
My sales are limited to RC coats. I will sell my duplicate RC coats for 2500 passes. I am sorry but I will not sell them unless it is for the max. I was once a collector and now I want the benefits from spending so many passes on coats. Please don’t waste my time and your time with low-ball offers. I won’t answer PM’s asking me to sell them for any other amount. If the coat isn’t worth that amount yet, It can sit on my account until it is!
Any divine that can be sold I will sell for the max price. Please check if they can be sold before you ask me. Most divines cannot be sold. That is not my rule, Howrse made it so they can’t be sold.
I do NOT handle team horse sales. Please check team pages to see how to order skillers. All I can tell you is I have nothing to do with it. Thank you and I wish you all the fun that collecting and/or the prix brings.
 I have had a few players ask me for coats that I have put on team horses. Please, I can see thru that and I will not sell a team horse.
Of most importance, I pay for and use auto comp enter. If I am somehow stomping every comp your blup enters let me know. I will help you fill. BUT if I am placed in a couple of your comps and win…move on. It happens to you; it happens to me. It is all a part of this game. I do not believe that players are stomping on purpose.
 I taught special education for almost 30 years and I enjoy adolescents very much.  They have taught me much and kept me young.
I have been playing this game for a very long time. I am willing to alter how I blup a horse for the teams I am on but I am not willing to give up an ounce of my integrity.
I will not be involved in drama. If there is any drama I am finished on that team or with those players. This game is my way of having fun and I want it to stay fun.
I will not answer questions aimed at getting me to “give” you horses for 500e. It won’t happen. The divines that give passes, or nyx packs are mine and I use every pass and/or nyx.
I will not give passes or e for the asking. Please do not beg.  Howrse makes it possible to earn passes and wins divines. My daughter plays on this game and if I’m giving anything away it will be to her!
Have fun. Life is too short to turn this into a nasty game!