I do not stomp
My horses enter 2-3 comps each, if you are on multiple teams and blanket comps, do not call me a stomper because I have entered 2 or 3 of those comps that you have blanketed, you leave others no choice.
I have been here for over 10 years, am a single player on no teams and am nowhere near being in the top scale of players. You are are climbing the ranks (way above me) on multiple teams (they should be ashamed of the pms you send) and you call my piddly horses stomping yours?
If you want to waste your time "getting back at me" have at it, I play for relaxation not to climb the ladder, you will only hurt your game play not mine.

If I have this as one of my objectives the foal will be placed in my "Favorites" for the day.
If you need me to foal one for an objective,
please PM me and if I am on I will place one there for you.

Once per month I gift a random horse to a random player on my friends list.
Once you pick this horse up it is no longer mine.
It is now yours to do with as you wish.
Please do not feel you need to keep it, it is yours.


Live horses unfortunately can no longer be in my day to day existence.
HOWRSE is my escape from the daily insanity generated by the desire to survive!
Disturb at your own risk....I may bite depending on the stresses of the day
(and how many grumpy people I've had to deal with)
Not really! I am friendly and helpful, I accept all friends requests
and will send congrats your way
I AM NOT a chatter so if you PM answers will be very short.

Horses are NOT for sale unless under the "For Sale" Tabs!
Any PM's requesting horses, BMI or Equus will not be responded to.

Please don't complain about my sale prices.
If you think they are to high do not bid or offer on them.
Keep in mind that with stud fees/vet bills the approximate breeding fee is from 7,000 equus and up.
Then add on the $4000 equus for each 3*tack ($8,000 total) any BMI or items.
The price is not unreasonable, if you think it is,
then do it yourself instead of trying to purchase mine for little to nothing.
Please keep these things in mind before you insult any breeders.
We work hard to make what we have and the cost is not free.