Hello, and welcome to my page! 

7,000th player to Congratulate me Could WIN:


(I don't check my page much so please message me if you are the 7,000th person who congratulates me.)

         ABOUT ME: 

I am 38 years old, I Was Born February 1st, I'm an Aquarius, I Live in Eufaula, Oklahoma, My profile picture is of my English Bulldog Chubbs Lee Farrer  AKA: Little Man, he is only 6 months old & weighed in at 45 pounds & his Bloodlines are in the AKC Hall Of Fame,  I also have a Female English Bulldog, Justice Luna Farrer and she's 7 months old & weighed in at 54 pounds, I Breed English Bulldogs,  I really love this breed. So Please DO NOT TAKE/STEAL MY PROFILE PICTURE, IT IS MY DOG. I Will Report you to a Moderator, if I should see my photograph on your profile page.

I'm an Adult player, so Please get parents permission before messaging me. 


I'm a Senior Member on Howrse. 

I joined Howrse 6 years ago on: 3/30/2013  

I'm Currently:

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I, my friends & teammates WILL be 

Treated with RESPECT,  we will NOT TOLERATE any Petty Childish Nonsense. Especially BULLYING. 

We know how to Exercise the BLACKLIST, & will.

Any player placed on the blacklist,  will NOT be removed, this is a PERMANENT ACTION!

     We do & will Report any & ALL

Disrespect, Bullying, Rudeness.

Those are the FEW things I WILL, 

Advise, a Moderator about...

          My Howrse Sales Rules:

1.) I will do Reserved sales.

(You will have 3 hours to buy said Howrse, if you Don't buy in time said howrse will be REMOVED from your reserved sales tab.)

2.) I will Not tolerate any Rediculess offers.

3.) I Won't Tolerate any BEGGING.

4.) If the sale is NOT marked Negotiable, then it is exactly as it says, Not Negotiable, period. No exceptions.

5.) If sale is marked, Negotibale then

Sale is as said, Negotibale, Any low ball offers will be IGNORED.

     Thank You For Visiting My Page!