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About Me

My name is Dangergirl99.  Here is a little about me:  I am now a college student majoring in biology with a minor in epidemiology. With my free time, I breed French Black Copper Marans poultry for fun and to sell. 

My Game

I mainly focus on Tennesse Walkers. You can see what I have bred under the affix Blue Moon Perfection. Recently I have started breeding Friesians again. I am always looking to buy more horses for my coat collection if you can help in anyway pm me! (list down below). The horses that are in sales can be put in the direct sale if you want them.  We will have to agree on a price.  For the horses that are not in sales, I will most likely still sell the horse for the right price.  I do not accept random friend requests or work with people who have less than perfect Karma.            
1) No means No                         
2) No low offers! If a horse is for sale for 20,000 don't offer 5,000 It's extremely rude and I will consider blocking you!                                        
3) Be nice to me and I will be nice to you 
4) Do NOT use chat speak when messaging me


My goals for the game are pretty simple.  If you can help me in any way I would really appreciate it  1) Have 1 million equess 2)Be in the top 50 for popularity/game.  3)  complete the coat trophies.
Completed goals- 4th in popularity 11/15/18, Bred my first uni 7-16-13   
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Coats I Need

KWPN- Cremello
Kerry Bog- Dun Tobiano