If I have a horse(s) up for sale and they say either negotiable or non-negotiable, please negotiate. I am always open to negotiations. 

If we are trading, you go first. Period. I have been scammed too many times to trust anyone. Thank you. 
Hello, I am Jocee. I am a teenage girl who loves horses. I have had many accounts since I was about 9, unfortunately I didn't know what I was doing until a few years ago. 

I am a straight A student. If I am not on for a series of days or even years, I am either busy with school or I am with family, friends, or work.
I'm not doing anything at the moment, just breeding my own unicorns for my own pleasure. I would like to be in a breeding group, but not a guarantee since I am going to college pretty soon so I'm not sure if I'll have time, but I am very open to doing so.