About Me

I am a Christian mom to four adorable boys and a beautiful little girl.

Currently, I do not accept random friend requests as I like to chat and get to know those in my friends list.

My Equestrian Center

My equestrian center is Stonehaven Estates. All of our stalls are 18m and come with showers. We have plenty of carrots and mashes and our meadows are rotated on a daily basis. I have the divine Spring which allows me to open the center to 1 day boarding, so all who are interested may come here to skill their horses.

Thanks to many wonderful friends, all of my comps are at Rosette level! A big thank you to all who have helped out and entered!


Chath~Anon Unicorns

My main focus in the game is breeding top quality Friesian unicorns with the Chath~Anon group which currently consists of NinjaraPhael, Rachyrider, fancydancer, mygirls and myself. We are a dynamic and competitive breeding group that have a lot of fun while doing so. I occasionally have unis in the auctions, please feel free to contact me regarding release or price. We also offer coverings to unis mares at the current release GP. See below for the current stud.

Irish Melodies Unicorns

I am also breeding top Connemara unis for fun with orangie311 and our affix is Irish Melodies.  We enjoy taking a relaxing time with these guys and it gives us a pleasant break from the competitive side of the other groups. I also occasionally have unis in the auctions and as above please feel free to contact me regarding release or price.

Higher Standards

I found this sweet team quite by accident, but now that I have, I love every single one of them.  We are a tight knit team pushing the thoroughbreds to the very best level. Covers from our studs are not given out nor our stallions under release sold without being gelded.  Skillers are produced for the community every two weeks and cost 900 passes. See hartlovr123 to place an order.
Covers from Uni Studs:
Please contact me for stud offerings


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