Hello! I am AdrienneS. Welcome to my profile page!

Thanks visiting my page and hope you catch some nice UFOs

You can always send me a pm and will answer whenever I can!

In case you need any filler help just send me message. I will be happy to help out whenever possible.
Here are the teams I am proud to be a part of: 

Higher Standards - Thoroughbred
Haute Levade - Lipizzan
Caedmon - Welsh
Transcendance - Akhal - Teke
's got it goin* on - Vanner Uni
FinestFantasies - Fjord Uni
Blissful Venture - Quarter Horse
Eagle Crest Arabians - Arabian Horse
Majic Abounds - KWPN
Unorthodox - French Trotter
Here are some helpful links:

1. Xanthos
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love cats > they rule my life (lol)! Also obviously love horses ;)
Play fair and be nice to each other!