I hope everyone had a fun, safe, and merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!

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The News and Such

2/17/18 8:56 AM: Won Te Quiero on a Horn of Plenty!

12/20/17 1:43 PM: Won I love you in the Beautiful Pine Trees event!


3/30/17: I won the divine Etrian! %28l%29.png

8/6/16: Baby Leo's not a baby anymore...!

7/29/16 6:29 PM: the first Curly uni is born, a Flaxen Chestnut colt!

7/28/16 8:06 AM: BABY LEO ARRIVES!!

7/22/16 12:33 PM:

I found Cancer in the Horn of Plenty!! I'm ecstatic!! I can't believe it, and with 8 passes remaining!! (l)_v1828806360.png


7/19/2016 I decided to give my EC some love, since I never pay attention to it. (lol)_v1828806360.pngAll in all, it was just a tad confusing, since I never work on my EC, but I guess I must have done something right, since within less than a day all my spots were filled up with boarding horses!

Also, I have produced uni's of other breeds, but my first Quarter Horse uni produced by me was born today! She's a 1% Cremello coat as well! (l)_v1828806360.png


About Me

 I, obviously, am HorseLover 123. Yes, I am a minor, and yes, I was quite immature when I first joined Howrse, but I have matured a lot over the years, both on and off this game. I am not the same person I was when I joined Howrse or even just about a year ago. If you can remember any unpleasant situations you've had with me, whether it be through PM or the Forums or whatever, I apologize and hope that you understand that I was an immature little kid at the time. (lol)_v1828806360.png But like I've said, I'm much more mature now, both in real life and on the game. I don't give really low, insulting offers on horses like I used to (again, I didn't know any better), and I have a much better understanding and idea of the rules, how much work players really put into their game and their horses, and basically everything important on Howrse. Again, I apologize for past me's actions. 

I adore various things that no teenage female would be expected to greatly enjoy. Thanks to my teachers, I love the works of Shakespeare (especially Hamlet, which we recently finished reading in class), and I hope to read more of his in the future. I also love dinosaurs and history, and could name every U.S. president in order if you asked me too. Weird, I know. I enjoy making art and writing, mainly about animals, and I still enjoy cartoons, even hoping to make one in the future. 

When I was in middle school I loved the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. I still do, but I've virtually lost most of my interest in it. I could still have a conversation about it, though, which is lucky because my friend loves it. If you're wondering, my favorite character is Bluestar (who my friend happens to hate with a passion), and my least favorite is Foxheart. How can a character with such few appearances make herself so unlikeable?

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My favorite animals are cats



and bighorn sheep (yes, bighorn sheep! An unpopular choice!). I love most animals, actually, except naked mole rats. Yes, that animal exists. They're just nasty. 


 And I like horses, of course!

I am currently learning Spanish (though I've lost my love for it thanks to a bad teacher). I love languages, especially Russian. It's such a beautiful yet complicated-looking language, and I hope to be able to learn that in the future as well.

Going back to cats, I have a cat named Sprite, she is a tortoiseshell and white with green-yellow eyes and she is six years old!

This is Sprite, and I made this a long time ago on Blingee...

Princess Sprite

And this:


And this!:

Sprite Again

Note: The above images are pictures of MY cat, that I MADE on Blingee. You are not allowed to take them, it is not your cat nor your picture. Thank you for your understanding!

I'm not a fan of anime. I know, I know. I don't really know why it doesn't appeal to me; it's very popular with others in my school, and I know it's really popular with a lot of people. But it just doesn't appeal to me. I don't know why. I don't hate it, but I don't find it interesting either. If you love it, that's fine. If you hate it, that's also fine. All that matters is that we all respect each other, after all. 

I don't bite and if you have any questions feel free to PM me!

If I can think of anything else to add to this, I probably will... eventually... but my brain is blank right now, after writing all that, so...





 Thank you Heavenfire0726 so much for this Layout!

Right now I'm not interested in breeding the best of the best, or having the horse with the most rosettes. I'm more focused on just having a fun, relaxed game. I'm mostly focused on unicorns with fairly good GP, and collecting special coats for unicorns. I also have a few unicorn-related projects that are in progress or will be soon. My favorite breed is the Curly, and I'm going to be breeding Curly unicorns soon. I also breed Shetland and GV unicorns; Marcy, Angel of the Past, and Lake~Michigan are my main breeding females for Shetlands, and Penny is my main GV mare. They are all immortal, and so I'm not looking to buy any Shetland or GV unicorns, especially female. 



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About Sales

Quite obviously by the name, the breeding farm entitled " ~ VERY Special to Me ~ (NFS)" is inhabited by my most prized, loved horses that I have a special memory or connection with. These horses are worked and cared for each and every day that I log on. As a result, NONE of them will EVER be for sale, so there's no point in even asking (Plus, my divines and wild are UNABLE to be sold in the first place, so again, no point in asking). So, you can look, but you CAN'T touch! (lol)_v1828806360.pngThank you. Also, please keep in mind that just because a horse is not in the Special tab, that doesn't mean I'm taking offers on them. If you're looking to buy any of my horses, your best bet is simply looking in the sales rather than offering on a horse you want that I'm probably not willing to sell. After all, if I'm looking to sell it, I'll put it up for sale, right? If I get good offers on some of my horses not currently for sale, I WILL consider them. However, it is certainly not guaranteed that I'll be willing to sell it.  IF you're looking to offer on a horse not for sale, honestly your best bet is the Other horses tab. If you like, check through there and see if you see something you like. Be warned that most of the horses in that tab aren't that special, however. I do have a few GA's in that section.

The ~ Furry Friends ~ tab is, of course, full of my Companion horse collection, which currently consists of five HoG horses (l)_v1828806360.pngSince I am keeping these guys for my collection, again, it's very unlikely that I'll ever sell horses in this tab, ESPECIALLY the HoG's. I am always looking to buy HoG's and companions I don't have when possible, unless a divine HoP opportunity is coming up, and in that situation I want to save as many passes as possible.

Also, I've noticed several people PM'ing me asking about negotiations on a horse that isn't even listed as negotiable... I honestly don't really understand why some do this. After all, if it were negotiable... I'd list it as negotiable. I do get some pretty good offers that I would think twice about rejecting, however...

Please note that I do NOT do trades. I did that once in the past, and ALMOST got scammed out of a unicorn (luckily, he is still with me). I don't trade horses for BMI's, other horses, or anything. If I'm going to sell a horse, I want it to be for either equus or passes. Thank you for understanding this.

I also don't tolerate begging.

RC's will typically be sold for 500e and 2 passes, depending on the skills and other BMI's the horse might have. Golden Apple horses will almost always be 500e and 1 pass (unless the horse has some other good BMI's to go along with it).

And that's about it for now! Again, if I think of anything to add, I will. SO... have a great day and Happy Howrsing!




The Dinosaur Corner


Since I couldn't think of anything else to put in this box, I decided to devote it to one of my favorite things! 

As you probably already know from the "About Me" section above, I love dinosaurs, and I have no problem talking about them for hours. %28lol%29.png 

If anyone is wondering, my top ten favorite dinosaurs are:





6. Pachycephalosaurus. Whew, this one has quite a mouthful of a name! It was an herbivorous dinosaur with a thick, bony head, and quite a lot of specimens have been found with trauma to the skull suggesting the head was forcefully pushed against something. Since this feature is so common in the species, this suggests that they may have engaged in headbutting battles with each other (just like my favorite animal, the bighorn sheep!) 

5. Oviraptor. Despite his name, this guy was not a member of the "raptor" family. His name means "egg thief" and was named because a specimen was found with what appeared to be stolen Protoceratops eggs (although it was later thought that it was actually just a mother with her eggs). He had a very wacky appearance, with a crest on the top of his head, and a beak that contained two teeth within. He was also covered with feathers, like many small to medium sized dinosaurs.

4. Therizinosaurus. It was a large, bipedal (two-legged) herbivorous dinosaur that was actually closely related to Tyrannosaurs. It is not very well-known, but is identified by its immensely large, deadly claws on its hands, the uses of which are unknown. It may have used these massive claws to reach high vegetation, or to defend itself from the neighboring Tarbosaurus. It had a long neck and a small head.

3. Velociraptor. A very well-known dinosaur, although many Jurassic Park lovers hate to acknowledge the fact that Velociraptor was very small and covered in feathers like a modern-day hawk or eagle. I have never heard of any direct evidence that they hunted in packs (although a group of roughly 40 Utahraptors, a similar species, were found in one area once). A very famous fossil, entitled "Fighting Dinosaurs", was found which represents a Velociraptor locked in combat with a Protoceratops (a relative of Triceratops).

2. Triceratops. Definitely one of the most famous dinosaurs, classified by the distinctive three horns on its head. These horns may have been used for battling with other members of its kind, as male deer do today, or they may have been used for self-defense, which isn't surprising since Triceratops shared its habitat with T. rex. It was a very dangerous prey animal to hunt, and a hungry T. rex needed to beware if it wanted to make a snack out of this guy.

1. Ankylosaurus. This was a large, herbivorous dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period that was covered in thick armor on every part of its body except for its belly and throat. It had a massive club on the end of its tail that it used to defend itself, and it is believed that one swing from its tail could break a T. rex's skull.


BlossomClan - the Tab and the History

The horses in the tab ~ Warriors of BlossomClan ~ all belong here, and will never be sold. BlossomClan is a fan-made Clan I made up that was based on the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. BlossomClan is a quiet Clan, living so deep in the forest that none of the other four main Clans (ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan) know of them very well. They started out as a small Clan, consisting of only their leader, Snowstar, and a few other, younger cats. They lived peacefully in the forest for moons, but eventually a great famine in leaf-bare hit. Snowstar was barely able to keep her Clan alive. She wondered if she should lead her Clan away from the forest they had lived in for so long, to find an area that would better sustain them. The night before she was about to take them away, however, a StarClan cat appeared in her dream, his fur whiter than a blizzard, his eyes brighter than diamonds, and gave her the prophecy that would save her Clan: "Do not fear, Snowstar. Your Clan shall not perish. But there cannot be new Blossoms without the appearance of Flowers. Find the Flowers that will save BlossomClan."

Snowstar, confused and weary, decided not to lead her Clan away; the strange StarClan cat's prophecy stuck in her mind, no matter how much her instinct tried to push it away. Several sunrises afterward, two of the warriors, Gemheart and Jewelwhisker, reported to Snowstar the appearance of a pair of kittypets on their territory. Snowstar went with them to investigate, and found the two kittypets, one a brown tabby, the other a fluffy calico. Both looked very young, not older than 7 moons. Something about them impressed Snowstar, though she wasn't sure what it was. Against the wishes of her entire Clan (besides Gemheart and Jewelwhisker), she decided to appoint the two kittypets apprentices. Their names, April and Fluffy, were changed to Aprilpaw and Fluffypaw. The two kittypets requested they bring their kit friends into the Clan as well. Snowstar accepted.

At last, newleaf arrived, and slowly the Clan began to regain their health. But their troubles were not over. One peaceful night, the stillness was broken by a gang of rogues that snuck into the camp and viciously attacked every cat they could find. Started and caught off-guard, the cats of BlossomClan tried desperately to fight back, but their strength was nowhere near that of the rogues. Then, while each BlossomClan cat was facing death, Aprilpaw and Fluffypaw seemed to have a burst of strength within them, and together, they stood in the moonlight, hissing and spitting, clawing at the advancing rogues' faces. Snowstar watched from where she lay with exhaustion, her eyes glittering with awe as Aprilpaw and Fluffypaw slowly began to drive the rogues back. Eventually, the gang fled, leaving a triumphant pair of former kittypets standing in the BlossomClan camp. Many cats, however, had died in the battle, including Snowstar's deputy. She appointed a black she-cat named Hopetail as the new deputy.

"Find the Flowers that will save BlossomClan," the words echoed in Snowstar's head. Aprilpaw and Fluffypaw were the Flowers, and they had saved BlossomClan. Eventually they became Aprilleaf and Fluffypelt. The Clan continued to grow until it was too large for the Flowers' comfort. So, thanking Snowstar for giving them a chance to be warriors, they left, and went to a nearby territory where they crafted the much smaller Clan FlowerClan, with Aprilstar blooming at the head.

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