4/5/16 - current number of horses "reclaimed" for passes: 204
Patience and proper planning, just sayin'...

Mid-February 2016: I finally got the last Grand Prix bonus! The first several didn't take too many HoPs. The last few took forEVER. Especially the very last one, that took over a year alone cracking open HoPs as often as I could.

INDISPUTABLE FACT: 64% of statistics are made up on the spot.

I promise I would never ever stomp or blanket. When bolding skills for a horse though... I just enter comps to get it done. I try to not enter if I see "blup" in the name, unless it's a rookie comp. We're ALL trying to get wins in rookie comps, so your loss is my win (in rookie comps, I don't want to just beat your horse, I want to rub his or her face in the dirt too). I'm not trying to mess with anyone's game, or bum anyone out. Please realize if a horse has WoY, it takes 50 races to bold it's skills. Yes, I am usually too cheap to use a Timer.

My main interest in the game is making my EC stronger, and I'm doing this by breeding horses that are good in the Western Disciplines. It's always a work in progress, and it lets me enjoy the game without feeling obligated in any way.

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Classical Grand Prix                                 Western Grand Prix
Monday - Cross-Country                             Monday - Cutting
Tuesday - Trot Racing                                  Tuesday - Western Pleasure
Wednesday - Show Jumping                       Wednesday - Reining
Thursday - Dressage                                   Thursday - Trail Class
Friday - Gallop Racing                                 Friday - Barrel Racing
Best Weekly Finish: 86th -long ago           Best Weekly Finish: 25th -Oct 31th, 2014
                                                                                                       21st -Nov 7th, 2014
                                                                                                       19th -Nov 14, 2014
                                                                                                       16th -Nov 28, blah
                                                                                                       17th -Dec 13
                                                                                                       53rd -July 31, 2015. same horses as Dec haha

Big thanks to ChelseaRose for the banner!

How races (not the Prix) are decided.
45% for primary
30% for first secondary
20% for third
5% for age

5 years = 30 ap's