Please read below for sales, custom NIB breeding availability and prices and all about what I do here on howrse.

I have the following NIB stallions fully BLUPped 
and offering coverings to fellow NIBers.

Dathan ~ 2G chestnut QH Stud

Rowan Foundation palomino QH Stud

Elias Foundation Flaxen Chestnut QH Stud

Cedron Foundation Black QH Stud

Gideon Foundation Flaxen Liver Chestnut QH Stud

Felix ~ 2G Liver Chestnut QH Stud

Jasper ~ Foundation Sorrel (Chestnut) QH Stud

Lance ~ Foundation QH Unicorn Mouse Grey Stud*

Warrick Foundation Uni Bay Tobiano Paint Stud

Gandolf Foundation Dapple Gray Paint Stud

Kaz Foundation Palomino Tovero Paint Stud

All horses in the QH Bedrock Stock are fully blupped and bolded and are ready to breed. If you are interested in a custom foal from any combination of parents in this tab it will be 15,000e 




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A little about me

I am a 30-something year old woman. (Junior players please ask your parents before friending me) I love the color purple. I live on the east coast and at present do not own any horses in real life, yet but I hope to someday own a Quarter Horse and a pair of draft horses. 

Why Quarter Horses?

I chose QH's because when I worked for a natural horsemanship trainer for 3 years his love for the breed rubbed off on me! They are all around smart and eager to please. They pick things up faster than a Friesian (sorry but they do) and they come in many different colors! My dream is to some day own a QH from the King Ranch down in Texas ( if you don't know about the king ranch ask me, it will amaze you!)  I have recently gone  Did you know:Both Paints and Quarter Horses are decendants of the Spanish Barb!
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