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[9/7/19] A day before my birthday and I decide to finally make a change to my profile here! Kings and Queens have been coming back at a steady pace the past couple months. We've made a lot of progress in improving our Dressage:GP ratios and we're back competing at the top of the Unicorn standings.
Keep an eye on the public sales for our old stock!

[3/27/19] Kings and Queens hit 5,000 GP this week! Good job team!

[1/27/19] Happy belated 2019! Happy early Lunar New Year! I got a new divine in what seems like forever! Feel free to bring some apples to Taranis =)

[11/6/18] BIG NOKOTA UNICORN SALES FROM KINGS & QUEENS! We're putting tons of our old stock of babies into the sales, go check them out!

[9/23/18] I'm planning to sell off some horses when I have time to sort and put them in the sales. PM me if anything stands out to you! Kings and Queens unis and fails are fair game, anything in the Specials tab is not for sale.

[2/15/18] Oh man, I haven't updated this presentation in so long! Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Xin Nian Kuai Le! Hope everyone had a good start to 2018. Kings and Queens has been progressing nicely at the top of the Unicorn Dressage! 

[11/13/17] Kings and Queens have passed 3,300 GP lately and are now battling for top Dressage in Unicorn breeds!

[7/9/17] Nokota Unicorns have broken the 3,000 GP mark! Miss 3k is over the moon!
In other news, I might try to get back into graphics making in my free time. It's been a long time since I've updated my page, and I think it's about time for a new look ;)

[1/23/17] Happy belated new year!

[10/16/16] Finally made myself a new layout! I'm considering doing a layout or two for other players, but it'll depend on time/motivation.. stay tuned if you're interested!

[10/13/16] Top Nokota Unicorns have now passed 2,000 GP! Great job team <3
Tɧe Ɲoɓℓєs : French Trotter Unicorns
I was top 2 FT Uni breeding before I lost my account. If I ever have spare time, I would probably continue this line for nostalgia's sake.

κiηgs and quεεηs (old)/ᴋιngร คnʠ quєєnร (personal)/Кɪɴgs • ℚʊεεɴs/Kɪɴgs • ℚʊεεɴs (team): Nokota Unicorns
Top Nokota Unicorns on US Howrse! Long standing group with members Bullet, ClarissaN, Lunacy, Elorae and I. Bred with only 100% blup parents, we're dedicated to quality. Questions, inquiries, and sales information can be directed to any member.

ϻαรquerαɖe : Purebred Spanish Horse Unicorns
Always 100% blup breedings, resulting in the best bloodline. Working solo, at my own pace.
*Line has been given to the Ʋєηι. Ʋι∂ι. Ʋιcι. team. Best of luck!
Always looking for Morpheus Arms, Nyx Packs, Fertility Wands, Zeus Lightning Bolts.

GA/RC Coats Wishlist... PM me if you're selling any of these...
Větrník [Horse] 100197298-miniature.png
Flek [Horse] 100214642-miniature.png
Chameleon [Pegasus]100111319-miniature.png         
Gypsy Sakura [Pegasus]   100063845-miniature.png
Lucius [Pegasus]100055586-miniature.png         
Thorns N' Roses [Unicorn]  100041241-miniature.png
Jasmine Green Tea [Unicorn]       100068295-miniature.png       
Rosan [Unicorn]    100076909-miniature.png
Spirit of Fall [Unicorn]  100142321-miniature.png
I'm Numi, previously known as Numinous. I think I had around 300 days of seniority on my old account. Been on and off this game for a while now.

I'm a young adult player. Just like 99% of the other players, I started because I loved horses. I don't have much experience with them in real life but I hope that changes in the future.

I'm a graphics maker. I make my own layouts and banners. You might've seen some of my work around here. I haven't done much recently because of time, but I have some of my previous work uploaded onto my DeviantArt acc: click here!