Stroke up to 5 Xanthos per day for a chance to receive a Horn of Plenty
Receive either 10 passes or 50 equus per Topaz stroke, max 5 Topaz strokes per day
Defrost Frost for a chance to receive a Hypnos' Blanket

Xanthos   Xanthos   Xanthos   Xanthos   Xanthos
Topaz   Topaz   Topaz   Topaz   Topaz

HoPs from Xanthos: 10
Passes from Topaz: 20
Blankets from Frost: 4

Been around since 2011. Account recently wiped due to inactivity. RIP my old horses :')

Name's Nikki. 20yo, born and raised in Michigan. Casual Howrse player.

I accept any and all friend request and will help out during events whenever I can!