About Me

Hello Everyone i'm an adult player so please ask your parents permission before you pm me. My name is RanarkStables. I'm a very easy going person, simply put your nice to me i'm nice back.                Rules:                    ~Don't beg for horses is exhgusting dealing with that                               ~ I will be happy to help if you have any questions don't hesitate.  ~Yes i'm a pass buyer so no rude comments passes keep the game going                            ~ Happy to Chat any time                              ~ I will not resale a horse i bought from you sold its clearly in sales for a reason                 


As stated before you put a horse in sales by "accident" I'm sorry but i will not sell it back takes to much time out of my busy schedule thank you for understanding              Sales:                              ~ No BMI Trades                ~ If not in sales not for sale  ~ I'm a uni breeder Colts i sell for 40k and fillies 50k (subject to change)                ~Looking for uni studs of breeds i don't have plz pm me if you have one! See uni stud tab                               ~ Divines are off limits!     ~ See a stud you like offering coverings pm me for details!                      ~ Get what you see lol       Misc.:                           ~ I collect a lot of uni RC coats if you have one yuo think i might be interested in send me a kink and we'll talk price.      ~ I love Once Upon a Time!!!!! WOOOOO!!          ~ Layout needed a change XD                       ~ My Boyfriend Just started the game so plz congratulate him i had to drag him here XD              
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Ga(s) i have feel free to look around                 Unicorn Arabian Horse Liver chestnutUnicorn Friesian BlackUnicorn Paint Horse Palomino OveroUnicorn Friesian BlackUnicorn Thoroughbred Cherry bayUnicorn Akhal-Teke Dark BayUnicorn Shetland Dark bay TobianoWinged unicorn Shetland Dark BayUnicorn Shetland Dapple GrayUnicorn Shetland Strawberry roanWinged unicorn Shetland BayUnicorn Fjord BrunblakkUnicorn Gypsy Vanner Bay TobianoUnicorn Gypsy Vanner Flaxen Liver chestnutUnicorn Mustang ChestnutWinged unicorn Knabstrupper Bay SnowflakeWinged unicorn Curly Mouse gray TobianoUnicorn Tennessee Walker Blackwinged unicorn skeletonwinged unicorn fire elementUnicorn Shetland Palomino TobianoYes i was the little girl who screamed on the playground cause a boy told me unicorns weren't real!!

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