I mainly focus on breeding high GP thoroughbreds. I finally bit the bullet and got a VIP membership, so "Gallop Home TB's" is now an official TB team and is currently ranked second. Please see the team page for more info.

I also have a small herd of draft horses and donkeys that I breed regularly under various affixes. I usually offer foals for sale at very reasonable prices (i.e. lowest in the sales.) Contact me to reserve

I also enjoy making creations for the Black Pearl. I usually post the creations I have up for voting on my page and would appreciate your votes! 

PM me for 500e covers from my stallion with a green Iris' Coat! Not purebred or high GP, but I know public covers can be hard to find. 


•Minors: I am adult player. Please ask your parents if it is OK to speak with me before sending me a private message!

•If you are rude, whiny or otherwise immature, prepare to be blocked. I play this game for fun, and would rather not deal with that kind of behavior.

•If a horse is not listed as non-negotiable, I am NOT accepting offers below the asking price, so please don't bother messaging me! I will SOMETIMES accept Equus instead of passes for negotiable sale horses, but I value 100 passes at approximately 300k Equus, depending on the horse and original sales price, so please do not send low-ball offers. I do not accept BMIs or horses as payment, as there is too much of a risk of being scammed for both parties involved and this is technically against the rules.

•Sick and tired of *certain* holier-than-thou senior players in the forums that think they have a right to tell people how they should feel about game changes and think that its OK that people get talked down to and told to "get over it" when an update is negatively affecting their game. If you want to talk about any struggles you are having in this game without getting belittled in the forums, or about anything you're struggling with in life, please PM me. I am happy to listen and talk! Sad that in a game I used to enjoy so much, I can't even post in the forums anymore without getting told that I'm overreacting or that I deserve to have my game hurt by changes

I am a female PhD student studying Chemical Engineering (would not recommend haha). I grew up around horses, and had the pleasure of owning two of my own, Callisto, a Chestnut Morgan gelding, and Pickles, a chestnut Thoroughbred mare. I competed in eventing with both of them. I don't ride much anymore, but hope to start again once I finish school. Currently, I have a freshwater planted aquarium with an assortment of tropical fish and a rescue pup named Jake who is a pitbull/hound/lab mix and a very good boy. In my free time, I enjoy playing Howrse (have played off and on since 2013), messing around with digital painting, and playing other video games.