The equestrian center's manual

Your horses' accommodation

You can house one boarder per box. The number of boxes you can purchase from the store is determined by your seniority in Howrse, specifically, you can purchase one box per two days of seniority. If you build them in your workshops however, you can acquire as many boxes as you wish.

Boxes come in different types and sizes. Bigger boxes are more comfortable for your horses so they will wake up with their morale high.

The quality of the box is also a key element for your equestrian center's prestige.


You need bedding in your boxes to house a horse or a pony. Head to the equestrian center shop in order to buy bedding. Once bedding stock is created, it will be shown to the right of the shop page in your inventory. Visit "The boxes" page and select the bedding that you would like to use; you can only select bedding that you have enough of in your inventory.

When you buy a new box, it comes with bedding according to the bedding type you have selected for use in your equestrian center.

The bedding in the boxes gets older every day it is used. After seven days, it will be automatically removed when the website gets updated every day at 10:00. It is then replaced with the clean bedding you have in your inventory. If you don't have enough clean bedding in your inventory, your box will be without bedding, and the prestige of your equestrian center will decrease. Check your stocks regularly.

The bedding that you choose for your boxes also affects your boarders. Indeed, the better the quality of bedding used in a box is, the more energy a horse will gain and the less morale it will lose when spending time there.


The occupied boxes wear out 1% every day You need to repair them before they reach 100% wear.

A reparer icon is visible next to a box's wear status and can be used to repair it. The cost for repairing a box depends on the box's wear conditions, its quality and any existing enhancements.

If you don't repair a box, it'll become unusable upon reaching 100% wear and will stop counting towards your equestrian center prestige. Also, if a horse was boarded there it'll be evicted. Your Equus balance will then be debited of the remaining boarding costs to refund the horse's owner. You can repair a box at any time in order to accommodate boarding horses again.


If you want to save a box for a specific player's horses, all you need to do is to reserve one or several boxes through the "reserve this box" link.