The breeder's manual

The Code of Conduct

To make sure that all Howrse players enjoy a safe, fun and fair gaming experience, it is important that you are aware of the forbidden content and behaviors and the sanctions that you may face.

On Howrse, the following content and behaviors are not allowed:

Inappropriate images and language

Images and language of sexual, violent, racist, offensive or threatening nature or that incite violence and hate. Sharing links to websites that contain such images or language.


Trafficking passes, Equus, horses, items or accounts. Organizing scams, abusing trust, stealing accounts, asking other users their passwords. Canceling pass purchases after they've already been used and attempting fraud. Creating multiple accounts on the same version of the game. Exploiting any aspect of Howrse by taking advantage of bugs and flaws.

Behavior in communication channels

Using a language other than the game's language or using SMS language. Dissemination of anything sexual, political, or defamatory, or that may offend others in any way. The same applies to content promoting or encouraging illegal activity. Content that would be considered spam, flooding, off-topic, advertisements or announcements (including for horse sales or coverings). Threatening to report or punish someone or attempts to stand in for the moderators.

Breaching copyright rules

Theft of creations, images or illustrations that are not in the public domain.