The equestrian center's manual

The boarders

The cost of boarding

Your equestrian center can welcome boarded horses. You can choose the boarding cost per horse per night via your center's management. This cost must be between 20 equus and 200 equus. However, when you board your own horses in your center, you pay nothing and your center earns nothing.

Minimum skill requirement

You can set a minimum skill requirement for the horses boarded at your center. This is done in your equestrian center's management. Only horses with this minimum skill set may be registered with your center. Note, however, that this also concerns breeders for whom you have reserved a box. If their horse does not meet the minimum requirement that you set, they will not be able to register with your center.

Boarding expiration

Once their boarding period is expired, boarders leave the equestrian center just after the daily website update at 10:00.

Extending a stay

Check your management for news on a regular basis. You will find boarding extension requests from breeders who have a horse boarded at your center, and you will be free to accept or refuse these requests.

The influence of boarders on prestige

Of course, the horses you board will have an impact on your center, depending on their number and best skills.