The breeder's manual

Your horse's condition and health

There are three gauges that give you an indication of the physical condition of your horse: energy, health and morale.

Each time your horse performs an action, it impacts one or several of its stats. You must pay close attention to its energy. If your horse is exhausted, it can die.Ideally, bed it at 10 p.m. at the latest, with at least 20% energy. If your horse is below 20% energy, it will not recover properly and might even die if below 5%.

How do you restore a horse's energy?

  • by feeding him
  • by stroking him
  • by giving him a mash
  • by putting him to bed. The horse recovers about 5 times the energy he had when he went to bed. Remember though that if you put your horse to bed when his energy is 0, he will die.
  • by giving him something to drink
  • by giving him some of the sugar you will find while performing your actions
  • by giving him a carrot

How do you restore your horse's morale?

  • by grooming him
  • by giving him a mash
  • by giving him something to drink
  • if another player gives him an apple

Finally, health increases naturally as time goes by.

Morale problems

When a horse is aged with less than 20% morale, his health drops. The lower his morale is, the faster the health drops. To prevent that, don't forget to groom your horses every day and to put them in an Equestrian Center.

Health problems

The health of a horse under 25 declines when:

  • he is too fat or too thin
  • you don't take care of him enough
  • his energy is below 20%
  • you didn't groom him the previous day

After 25, the health of horses and ponies that do not have the Philosopher's Stone will decline gradually according to the age of the horse.