The breeder's manual

Specializing and harnessing your horse


In order for your horse to be able to compete at the age of 3 years, you have to choose which riding style will be its specialty. The types of competitions your horse will be eligible for will depend on its specialty.

Horses that specialize in Classical Riding can enter speed races and cross-country, show jumping and dressage competitions.

Horses that specialize in Western Riding can enter barrel racing, cutting, reining, western pleasure and trail class competitions.

To choose your horse's specialty, select their riding type in the Competitions box.

You can change your horse's specialty until it reaches the age of 5 years.


Once your horse is specialized, you have to purchase a saddle blanket, a saddle and a bridle that match its specialty. You can find these items at the breeder's store. There are several designs and quality levels available.

Some equestrian centers make different types of equipment available for your horse for free.

In order to make your horse more efficient in competitions, you can also equip him with an ear bonnet and polo wraps.

You can then give these items to your horse from the horse page.

This equipment will never wear out. You cannot remove it, only replace it.

If you replace your horse's equipment, the old equipment will be destroyed.