The breeder's manual

The teams


You can team up with other players and collaborate in order to improve a breed. You can join up to 2 teams.

A team is made of a founder and other players. The amount of available spaces inside a team depends on the number of VIP players inside it, with 4 spaces per VIP member. A team can at most only hold 20 players, even if there are more than 5 VIP players registered.

In order to join a team, you can:

  • Found your own team if you are a VIP
  • accept an invite from a team

Each team has a public page that can be customized, as well as special forums restricted to team members.

In order to make communications within a team easier, group messages can be sent to all members of the team.

Additionally, you can book horses or coverings for the whole team.

The founder can assign roles to each team member, such as the right to manage the public page, recruiting or team forum moderation.

If you don't log back in for 30 days, a new founder will be appointed automatically.

You can leave your team at any time. If you are the founder of the team, you can appoint a new founder from among the team members who are also VIP players. If you do not appoint a founder, a new founder will be appointed automatically. However, if there are no VIP players left in the team, the team will be dissolved.

Lending horses

You can lend your horses to your team mates. This way, your team will not get stuck if you leave for a while.

Lending a horse is done from their horse page, similar to selling that horse. Please note however that you can only lend horses that wear the team's affix, and that you can only lend 3 horses at a time.

When you borrow a horse, it:

  • remains in your breeding farm between 1 and 4 days
  • cannot receive Black Market items or bonuses
  • cannot be sold or sent to Safe Haven
  • cannot be registered to a Grand Prix

The team affix

You can use an affix that is shared across all your team mates for all horses belonging to the breed that you all collaborate on together. Only purebred horses can receive the team affix.

The team affix is automatically assigned to a foal born from horses bearing the team's affix if the foal's genetic potential is higher than the maximum threshold you have set for your sales.

Horses exceeding this genetic potential cannot be sold outside the team, unless they are geldings. Their affix cannot be withdrawn or replaced.

Team prize pool

When putting a horse with the team's affix on sale, you can choose to sell it on behalf of the team. The Passes of the sales are then added to a community prize pool.

This prize pool can be distributed among team members by the team administrator.

Rating an affix

Riding horses, ponies, unicorns, and unicorn ponies team affixes are reviewed for a rating on the first day of each month if:

  • the team has at least 10 days of seniority
  • at least 20 horses wearing the affix are born during the previous month and alive at the moment of the notation
  • the best horse wearing the affix has a higher genetic potential than the previous best horse from the same breed upon the first day of the previous month

Team affixes that meet these criteria are then sorted based on the best genetic potential of the horses born under that affix. Stars are then given to the 3 best affixes for each breed:

  • the best affix: 3 stars
  • the next affix: 2 stars
  • the third affix: 1 star

Prizes are then given to each member of the teams that got their affix rewarded:

  • 3 stars: Morpheus' Arms
  • 2 stars: Chronos' Timer
  • 1 star Zeus' Lightning Bolt

Please note that you cannot receive more than 2 prizes per month from ratings, even if you are part of 3 or more teams that get rewarded.

Team rankings

You can compare your team with others thanks to various rankings:

  • the best genetic potential of horses born with the team affix
  • the number of horses born with the team's affix throughout the month
  • the number of rosettes won by horses wearing the team's affix throughout the month
  • the number of times when horses wearing the team's affix have been ranked in the Top 1000 in Grand Prix competitions throughout the month
  • Team prestige, which is the result of the 4 previous rankings as well as affix ratings

Unicorn teams

You can restrict your team to unicorn breeding.

Unicorn teams use their own ranking system.

Affix rating for riding unicorns and pony unicorns works exactly the same as with affixes for riding horses and ponies, except that unicorn affixes are ranked among themselves only.