Seniority: 2,886 daysGeneral ranking: 1081st
Registration date: 01/12/2011Number of horses: 429
Last visit: 10/19/2020Reserve: 5,647,717 equus
Karma: 10 points
equestrian center

Equestrian center

celtic_princess manages the equestrian center Celtic Horse Feather Farm.

  • Prestige:
  • Number of places: 291
  • Number of remaining places: 0


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howrse cup

Howrse Cup

celtic_princess has belonged to the ☼Celtic Dreamers☼ team.

Ranking: 8th

Championship: Division 4

sales in progress

Sales in progress

HorsePriceType of sale
Alwyss51 51 passesDirect
Faron51 51 passesDirect
Halldor51 51 passesDirect
Pelagios51 51 passesDirect
Appaloosa155,888 equusDirect