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announcement[UPDATED}Horse Adventure cross promo codes issuelocked thread Cailow139305/11/2017 15:57
Obtaning Promo codes 
CherryBomb1705/29/2017 22:41
Iloveskye1.21805/29/2017 22:22
Team Affix 
Sycamore Farms22005/29/2017 21:45
Need Help choosing. 
lacy vh610005/29/2017 20:20
Showerlocked thread 
AshleyIrwin123322705/29/2017 19:34
Buying Competitor Pack 
ambernight47205/29/2017 18:41
EC- Is there a way to get resources 
Kiyalynn24105/29/2017 14:06
EC questionlocked thread 
Kiyalynn54205/29/2017 14:06
EC prestige 
music1530:)33305/29/2017 13:16
Creating a Team? 
carleyschuck0544705/29/2017 13:05
Taming Wild Horses 
Falafel27805/29/2017 04:45
Wild West Card Questionlocked thread 
Rew2434505/29/2017 01:29
Pass Horseslocked thread 
bre_phantomhive46605/29/2017 01:16
Blup question 
Kiyalynn34305/28/2017 21:48
Equestrian Centerlocked thread 
Falafel35705/28/2017 15:57
Wild West Card Event Glitch 
Kate234528005/28/2017 14:22
Unlocking The Fountain 
izzybel 0248905/28/2017 12:14
winged draft horse ga trophylocked thread 
star445666005/28/2017 11:51
Vintage apple Pegasuslocked thread 
Kiyalynn35405/28/2017 01:10
Genetic Potential vs Blup 
OsmiumDragon1215605/27/2017 20:20
Geminilocked thread 
Striking Red36805/27/2017 20:00
Ow's Helio Rays and Vintage Apples 
WildestHeart4ever34905/27/2017 18:17
Duplicate gift cardslocked thread 
Kiyalynn37205/27/2017 17:26
Horse Sales 
teatea4499815605/27/2017 15:13
Grand Prix Fountains?locked thread 
shrekinator200024505/27/2017 14:39
AP Farming? 
iluvfoals38205/27/2017 14:23
Sudden Loss of Boarderslocked thread 
LuckyKari35705/27/2017 13:17
Horse Sales 
Banjo697436505/27/2017 13:07
Trophieslocked thread 
Youko57305/27/2017 11:39
Why Reportlocked thread 
The Last Unicorn413505/27/2017 11:30
Avatarlocked thread 
Pinky43105/27/2017 10:46
Doneky Breeding? 
Jada.Ann46105/27/2017 08:26
Specific Skills 
gungadee312705/27/2017 06:57
Zues's Lightning bolt thingy 
$WAG410205/27/2017 06:10
Cat Lover837905/27/2017 06:01
Apple history missing from equus/item history.locked thread 
horseloverforever24405/27/2017 05:07
Rosette Design 
LuckyKari03705/27/2017 04:42
Old Horse 
ech1026005/27/2017 03:00
Sarah Bernhardt Card 
Moonjem3525613805/27/2017 00:48