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What do the red or green numbers mean in the rankings?

They indicate the daily ranking progress of players, horses, or centers.

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I have been registered for two weeks, but I only see 10 days' registration, why?

It's normal. Only days when you connect to Howrse count towards your seniority.

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I'm returned to the homepage when doing an action on another page. What can I do?

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your Internet browser if you are having problems. You can download it here.

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I'm not going to be able to connect to the site for a few days. What will happen to my horses and my equestrian center?

Do not worry for your horses. They will not get older if you do not log in. However, time will still pass for your equestrian center, so you have some things to keep track of:

  • Make sure that your bedding stocks are sufficient (the bedding of a box is renewed once a week),
  • Regarding your crops, you have 20 days to harvest them.

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When do seasons change on Howrse?

Seasons last one week on Howrse. Fall begins on the first day of each real month. Winter starts on the eighth day of the month, spring on the fifteenth and summer on the twenty-second. Summer lasts to the end of the current month. The cycle of seasons starts over again on the first day of the next month.

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I've bought a pass, but the code is not working. What can I do?

You have to use the contact form to send a code that's not working. Use the "Contact us" link in "My profile".

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How can I avoid account thefts?

Players on Howrse are often victims of account theft, but this can be avoided by following a few tips:

  • ALWAYS log out before leaving Howrse,
  • NEVER save your password in your browser,
  • don't leave the computer you're logged into unattended,
  • don't give your password to anyone,
  • delete the e-mail you received on registering, because if your e-mail address is hacked, the attacker will have access to your login and passwordHowrse,
  • and lastly, don't choose a password that can be easily guessed by someone who knows you a little.

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How can I create a coat?

You have to buy the Black Pearl in the Black Market to create a personalized coat for the other players. You also need a graphics program to create your coat.

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If I connect to Howrse, do I have to look after all my horses?

You don't have to take care of all your horses. If you perform no actions on your horse, it will not age or run health risks.

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How can I put an image on my page or in the forum?

To insert an image from your computer, you have to upload it to a site like imageshack. Then all you have to do is to put the web address on the forum from your profile page.

On forums, the tags you must use for each link are [img] and [/img]. They must be pasted to the link without spacing.

On your profile, you have to use the exact link to the site where you uploaded your image by using the "image" button on your profile page.

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How can I make a hypertext link?

A hyperlink allows you to use just a word or a phrase you can click on to be redirected to a web page, for example the page of one of your horses.

On forums, the tagging system is the same as the one used for the images, in this case, it's [url] and [/url] .

To hide the URL and use only a word or phrase as a link, proceed as follows: [url=address you want to redirect to] word that you want to display and then, without inserting a space, close the tag [/url]

On your profile page, use the "link" button and just enter the URL to where you want to redirect. To create a hyperlink, write the text you want to display, select it before using the button for creating the link, then enter the URL in the box that appears.

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