Legendary horses

Legendary horses


Legendary horses are extraordinary and heroic horses. There are 5 of them. Each horse comes from a different country and has a specific temperament.

You get a legendary horse when you give 5 pieces of legendary tack to one of your horses. That horse's skills are then doubled.
When your horse transforms into a legendary horse, you also receive one of the points of the Star of immortal power. Complete the star in order to activate its power!

Star of immortal power

Provides a +10 bonus to each skill of each horse you own when you activate it. (valid only once)

The Legendary horses are immortal, cannot be sold or ranked. They cannot breed, be customized, take part in the Grand Prix, be aged manually. They do not count towards Equestrian Centre boarder prestige. They can take part in competitions open to all horses once a day and in special horse competitions as long as their energy allows.