Wind horses

Divine wind horses


Divine wind horses are divine horses. There are 13 of them. 12 represent a wind deity from Ancient Greece, and the 13th is their master.

You can take these horses for a ride over oceans, mountains, or plains to increase their skills or wind force. Up to age 3,100, as soon as their wind force reaches 100%, they form a tempest. Once the tempest is over, you get a prize.

The wind direction changes every day. It can be more or less favorable or unfavorable depending on the horse.

When you've bred all 12 of each different wind horse, you will receive the final horse in the series: Aeolus!

Divine wind horses cannot die, be sold (except Aeolus), or appear in rankings. They cannot:

  • breed
  • be customized
  • enter the Grand Prix
  • be aged manually

They do not count toward the prestige of the equestrian center in which they are boarded.
Once per day they can enter competitions open to all horses, as well as competitions for special horses provided they have enough energy to do so.

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  • symboldisabledboree
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  • symboldisablednotos
  • symboldisabledcalcias
  • symboldisabledlips
  • symboldisabledapeliote
  • symboldisabledsciron
  • symboldisabledeuronotos
  • symboldisablediapyx
  • symboldisabledlibonotos
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